Atom ROCK the Transcona Tournament – July 28-29, 2012.

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Who would have thought? Only a few practices and so little time and still, a group of young boys could come together and be such a great team? I’m not sure ANY of us knew how hard you would work or how well you would do!! What a display of defense, only allowing 1 touchdown in an ENTIRE tournament and the offense – making it work and working HARD!! So proud of you guys and SOOOO excited about the season to come. So, we started the season that well? There HAD to be a write-up to accompany this performance. Here are the game highlights: (please excuse me if the scores are slightly off – being trainer AND post-games “note taker” may have caused me to miss a few things)


The first game started out with the younger of the two Kraus boys getting things done from the quarterback position. Logan Kraus (#22) flew over the line for a touchdown and Mason Kraus (#10) finished that up with a run in for the convert. Tyson Koop (#15) took over as quarterback and had a massive run for a touchdown.  Defense was up next and Anthony (#6) stopped them with a huge tackle up the middle. First year player, Kade Lepp (#64) didn’t look like a rookie at all as he contained their next runner like a PRO, pushed right into the devastating path of Parker Rempel (#8) who had a crunching tackle to finish their drive.

Back to offense and Mason Kraus (#10) took off for another touchdown, thanks to a key block by Paxton Koop (#40) to clear his path. Mareanna Magonya (#2) took the ball up the left side in a tough run for us which set up another 50 + yard run for Mason Kraus (#10) for another 6 points!! Anthony (#6) took his turn on offence for the convert, and received our FIRST pass of the season to add 1 to the score! Great job. All game long, a couple of key offensive linemen protected our quarterback – Joe (#97) and Caleb Pammett (#85) had SERIOUS presence and put a wall that couldn’t be broken. Zach (#33) started most of the plays with precision snapping as well.

Now, defense, back on he field, Tyson Koop (#15), wrapped up their first attempt at a first down, Parker Rempel (#8) got through the line and had a big tackle up the middle for us – he “held on and didn’t let go”. Offense took their turn and Mason (#10) found the end zone with a few twists, turns and broken tackles – impressive! Dominyck Loewen (#3) was having the time of his life and we learned he’s got some WHEELS as he sped up the side lines for multiple yards. Matthew (#4) then had the quote of the game as he came off the field, “I just realized… football’s funner than I thought”

“Funner” indeed – especially when you play like THAT!! CONGRATULATIONS BOYS!!


It seems Logan Kraus (#22) likes to get the Raiders rolling. Just like the first game, his name shows up first on the highlights “reel”. A big kick return, with a huge block by Mason (#10) got us off to a great start. Mason Kraus (#10) decided to get a run going of his own and scored a touchdown. Mareanna Magonya (#2) ran like lightning for the extra point. Jayden (#91) was called on to kick the ball and it flew about 25 yards putting the opposition in a tough position. Tyson Koop (#15) took over in the quarterback position and took the ball into the end zone for yet, another Raider touchdown!! It’s almost like her specialty, so, the ball was handed to Mareanna (#2) once again and her speed into the end zone once again got us the single point conversion. Parker Rempel (#8) was huge on defense all game and shone with a massive quarterback sack to stall the offence. Matthew (#4) took down one of their best runners with a big tackle to force the 3rd down. Dominyck (#3) turned on the rockets and took his turn racing down the field for a super run. Jayden (#91) started off the second half with another great kick and tackle “combo”. Anthony (#6) was fierce and stopped them time and time again up the middle. Parker chipped in on defense with a flying tackle – to which Tyson Koop (#15) said, “It’s the power of the orange chin strap – yeah!” An outstanding block by Dominyck (#3) opened the path for another Mason (#10) touchdown. The defense continued to stymie the defense including a superb team effort when a shoestring tackle by Kade Lepp (#64) put their player right in Mason Kraus’s (#10) path which ended in one of the hardest Atom hits we’ve seen – and Tyson Koop (#15) jumped on the fumble to get the Raiders the ball back. Anthony (#6) continued to be a tackle monster and Parker (#8) wrapped up another opponent. Our offensive line protected our quarterbacks all game long and we couldn’t have scored our points without you!! Perhaps a highlight of the game was Mareanna’s (#2) 70 yard run to put an exclamation point on another GREAT game!! Quote of the game: After he sacked the quarterback (#31) came off the field, looked at me and said, “I love my football team!!” That says it all!!


OK, so, this game might go down in the record books as the hottest game we’ll play this season. I’m not sure – but it was H-O-T = HOT!!!! So hot in fact, that I was busier putting cold cloths on all of you than writing down what happened. So, I’ll do my best with this one. Here goes: Mareanna (#2) started the game off with a huge block to free up some running room for Mason (#10). Paxton (#40), Joe (#97) and Caleb Pammett (#85) did a great job taking care of the quarterback while Zach (#33) was snapping the ball. Dominyck (#3) has some fun on a big run and Mason (#10) finished it off with a Raider TD!! Tyson Koop (#15) added another touchdown for the team with his brother, from the same mother, Paxton (#40) blocking for him all the way into the end zone. Kade Lepp (#64) showed some great pursuit and made a big tackle for a loss of yards to which Parker (#8) added another smashing tackle of his own. Mason (#10) added a couple more touchdowns after that, Tyson Koop (#15) added another and a pass from Tyson (#15) to Paxton (#40) topped off that touchdown with a catch for the extra point.  And just because he could, Dominyck (#3) put it in high gear and found himself enjoying the feel of the end zone – yeeeeeeehaww!!!!

Congratulations boys!! Congratulations Marlin and the coaches!! Thank you parents for your support and the awesome snacks. (Quick note: Frozen Yogurt Tubes is a great idea for a snack) We couldn’t be more proud to be part of the Atom Raiders’ team. You guys played well, played hard, played fair and gave it your all!! You played as a team and EVERYONE contributed!! You can’t play football well, without playing like a unit!!! And just think – THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!! GO RAIDERS GO!!!