Sunday Raiders vs. Fort Garry Lions

Likely the hottest game that we will have to play this year, but the boys kept going!  #7, Cazden Harder, started off the game with a fantastic tackle.  What a strong start!  Then 4 guys joined forces to bring down Fort Garry’s #3. What great team work!  Still int he first half, #12, Dylan Witty took a big hit and had to get help off of the field.  Just a bit of time, and he was back in the game though.  #51, Christian Laur threw a super block inthe end of the first half; that’s what I’ m taking about!

#51, Christian, was now on his game, so he started out the second half with some great cover at kick off.  The team was really starting to mesh now, having figured out both some offense as well as some defense, adn now putting it all together.  The last play of the game was afantastic way to end, on a very positive note, with #7, Cazden Harder making a great run through a bunch of Lions, gaining us 10 yards, and a feeling of victory and excitement as we enter the season.