Sunday Raiders vs. Nationals Gray

Our second go at this game looked a little different, as offense stepped up this time.  #12, Dylan Witty powered through a block and had a great first run!  Then again, he gained 25 yards as he rant he ball once more!  #29, Khanya Magonya joined in fun, as he broke through a block to get a first down!  And then…..our team’s first touch down of the season was run in by # 12, Dylan Witty!!  What excitement!  Our first half finfished off with #25 – Damon Gillings wrapping up a Nationals player and taking him down!

Second half started off with a couple of boys, #7Cazden Harder and Bauer Kasdorf, jumping into their defensive postions and each getting in a great tackle.  Then it turned around and #7, Cazden Harder had a great run.  #86, Tyson Anderson, got ahold of that ball in ran it over the line for the second touch down of the season!