Eastman Raiders Teal Defeat the Lions  36-6

The game started off well with an early sac from Isaac Dokken #87. Riley Karlenzig #54 pushed hard for a first down and the drive was completed by Avery Penner #5, creating an early lead for the Raiders.

Later in the same quarter, Tristan Neiman #58 stopped a potential touchdown just before the end zone. #98 Payton Esau sacked the Fort Garry quarter back, while Corbin Azure #48 stopped the next touchdown attempt. Fort Garry’s drive was cut short by number #87 Isaac Dokken sacking the quarter back and the offense retook the field. Shortly after, Isaac Dokken #87 made a spectacular 70 yard run for a touchdown. The conversion failed.

Finishing off the quarter were sacks from both #87 Issac Dokken and #27 Kelbyn Doerksen , and a 30 yard run by Avery Penner #5 before he was brought down.

In the beginning of the second quarter, #98 Payton Esau dove deep into enemy territory and found a hole to score a quick touchdown. The convert failed.

The defense then put up a noble effort, but was out manoeuvred by Fort Garry who managed to score. Raiders intercepted the convert attempt robbing them of the extra point.

The offense fumbled the ball in the second quarter and Fort Garry grabbed it and ran, but the ball was called back because of a horse collar penalty.

Zachary Howe #21 made an excellent tackle takedown after a Fort Garry toss, and Kelbyn Doerksen #27 was not faked by a double reverse, making the tackle while almost everyone else was on the other side of the field. A sack by Isaac Dokken ended yet another drive short for the Fort Garry.

The half ended with an excellent long distance run by Sawyer Thiessen #9.

The third quarter saw an early Raider fumble with Fort Garry returning the ball all the way to the end zone. It was called back, however, due to a Holding call.

Later, Sawyer Thiessen #9 found a huge hole after a deceptive fake by Raider offense, allowing him to run in for a touchdown. This time the ball was run in for the extra point.

With one second left in the quarter, Isaac Dokken #87 ran the ball in yet again. The point after attempt failed.

In the fourth quarter, Kelbyn Doerksen #27 broke through Fort Garry’s front line and made a huge knock down of the ball carrier, epitomizing the excellent defense shown on the field by the Raiders.
The winning touchdown of the game first saw Avery Penner #5 running the ball near the end zone. With the addition of extra yards from a Fort Garry Horse collar penalty, Sawyer Thiessen #9 was able to run the ball in. There was no extra point.

Defense managed to hold off the Fort Garry offense after a small breakaway, forcing a turnover.



Eastman Atom Raiders Teal 33 vs. St. James Rods 0

Sunday proved to be a great day for football; definitely not too hot, a slight drizzle to make it a true football experience, but a comfortable day for fans to enjoy the season home opener.  Although our boys were nervous for their first game….they came out ready and willing to play hard.

The game began with a bang!!!  Isaac Dokken had a fantastic fumble recovery on the opening kick-off, putting us in great field position for our first drive of the game.  On 3rd down, Sawyer Thiessen ran for 14 yards to gain a first down, setting the team up for the next play – a 30 yard touchdown run by Avery Penner.  And we were on the scoreboard.  (And a beautiful scoreboard that is!!!)

The first quarter saw our powerhouse defense shut down the Rods.  Isaac Dokken  and Payton Esau led the defense and were forces to be reckoned with…continually forcing 3 and outs and providing our offense with great field position.  Riley Karlenzig had an amazing 40 yard run to score our second touchdown, with Sawyer Thiessen providing the convert.  Payton Esau recovered the kickoff, setting up our offense to score our third touchdown of the quarter.  Avery Penner fought off many defenders and “pinballed” to gain 33 yards.  Jayden Martens then ran the ball into the end zone.  Payton Esau stiff armed his way to make the convert, making the score 20 – 0 after the first quarter.

Our defense continued to smother the Rods during the second quarter, with Kelbyn Doerksen, Nathan Edwards-Schure and Tristan Neiman all making great tackles to keep the Rods out of their red zone.  Our offensive line continued to provide a great “wall” of blocking, with Zachary Howe snapping the ball consistently.  This enabled our offense to score yet another touchdown – Anthony Flaming had a great 15 yard run on second down to set up Sawyer Thiessen for an 8 yard quarter sneak into the end zone.  Sawyer Thiessen completed the convert pass to Jayden Martens, making the score 27 to 0 at half time.

The Rods regrouped after the half, and their defense made it more difficult for our offense to score in the third quarter.  Our defense continued their great tackling to keep the Rods off the scoreboard.  One last touchdown was scored in the 4th quarter by Isaac Dokken’s 28 yard run.

What a great start to the season, boys!  A pleasure to watch you all working so hard!