Saturday August 11, 2012

First Half

The very first play of the game resulted in a touchdown for Raiders as #86 Tyson received the kickoff and ran 60 yards. Raiders were unsuccessful at the convert.  Mustangs #30 got the touchdown on the next play, and were unsuccessful as well at the convert.

Raiders with possession of  the ball saw #12 Dylan run 20 yards before being tackled. #80 Gavin received the handoff and carried the ball another 20 yards. Next play saw #7 Kazden with some pretty sweet moves that brought him just shy of the end zone.  Raiders Touchdown scored by #80 Gavin. Successful convert received by #7 Kazden.

Kick off by #86 received by Mustangs, Mustangs lose yards as Raiders #12 Dylan with a great tackle.  First down by Mustangs resulted in a great tackle from Raiders #7 Kazden. Great defensive play by the Raiders, gave Mustangs their 3rd down at the 20 yard line.  Mustangs #40 ran 60 yards for the touchdown. Unsuccessful at the convert.

#80 Gavin received the kickoff from the Mustangs and ran 10 yards before being tackled.

Half Time

Second Half

Touchdown Mustangs #40 who ran 40 yards. Failed convert.

Kickoff received by Raiders #7 Kazden who was tackled at the 30yard line.

Hand off to #23 Bauer intercepted by Mustangs player #83.  Tough defence by Mustangs. 3rd down for Raiders.

TOUCHDOWN Raiders #86 Tyson who ran 60 yards. Failed convert as MUstangs #86 tackled #99 Jonah of the Raiders just short of the end zone.

#40 ran length of the field for Mustang Touchdown. Unsuccessful pass resulted in a failed convert for Mustangs.

Kickoff Mustangs received by #29 Khanya who was tackled at the 30yard line.  #10 Caleb of the Raiders fumbled the ball, Mustangs intercepted, possession Mustangs. #40 scores another Touchdown for Mustangs.

#99 Jonah recovers fumble by the mustangs. Kickoff from Mustangs received by #51 Christian, who gets immediately tackled by ALL of the mustang defensive line.

#23 Bauer takes the hand off from #80 Gavin and runs 40 yards before being tackled. Unsuccessful handoff to #29 Khanya for the final play of the game.