September 15, 2012 Atom Raiders Black VS. LaSalle Lightening


2:00 PM


A sunny, windy day was the backdrop for a great game for the Eastman Atom Raiders Black. Not just because we won, but because we played with heart, we played with respect and we got better before the game was done. As always here were the highlights along the way:

#10 Mason had a huge recovery on the very first kick of the game, which was a super kick by #18 Carson Tufford by the way. So, offence was on sooner than expected and after some huge blocks by #81 TB and #10 Mason, #15 Tyson K.  sped into the end zone. (6-0 Raiders) #10 Mason kicked the ball through the uprights on a very windy day after a perfect snap by #6 Anthony. (8-0 Raiders) #15 Tyson decided to keep the ball again after another march down the field and another major score was ours. (14-0 Raiders) The kick was good!! (16-0) The Lightning received the kick and before the runner knew it #10 Mason had stripped the ball from his hands and helped himself to another touchdown. (22-0 Raiders) (Their #37 was a speedy one and they got their first score) (22-6 Raiders) After a good offensive series, #10 Mason got the hand off and after some spectacular cut backs, found the end zone. (28-6 Raiders) #2 Mareanna sped into the end zone for the extra point. (29-6 Raiders) #18 CTuff along with #22 Logan had some big tackles in the backfield. #7 Austin chipped in with great pursuit and teamwork as he and #8 Parker downed their running back. #50 Daniel added a strong shoestring tackle to turn over the ball on downs. #10 Mason added his 3rd touchdown of the day thanks to a massive block by #40 Paxton. (37-6 Raiders) Then #40 Paxton took his turn with the ball and shook a tackle to run in for the single point. (38-6 Raiders) Touchdown number 4 came next for #10 Mason but it took a 50-yard run to get it. (44-6 Raiders) Defense was back on and #31 Caleb B. wrapped up their runner, #50 Daniel got ‘em again, #82 Taran showed some super pressure off a loss of yards for them, strong contain by #4 Matthew and the offence was back on the field. #2 Mareanna was handed the ball and as most of the defenders followed #40 Paxton’s fake – Mareanna turned on the jets for a gain of 45 yards!! We were close to the end zone and #40 Paxton powered his way through them all to get another major score for us.(Their #37 scored and the 1st half ended.)

The 2nd half continued as well as the 1st one ended — #2 Mareanna took the ball 40 yards up the field and #15 Tyson K. followed that up with a touchdown run. The offence had some room to try a few more passing plays and a great 20 yard pass from #15 Tyson K. to #81 TB was completed and the Y.A.C. yards were awesome. When the defense returned #22 Logan flew through the O-line for a convincing quarterback sack. That got the offence back into action and #40 Paxton took the ball 30 yards on an outside run and found the end zone – even though a defender was on top of him when he landed for 6 points.   #18 CTuff took his first kick for a convert and it was high and straight through the uprights !! YEAH!!  That would be our last scoring drive but #82 Tara had a highlight tackle to stop their run. #17 Kyler and #6 Anthony did their job on defense which allowed our offence one more set of plays. #91 Jayden caught a pass from QB #15 Tyson K and a completed screen pass to #40 Paxton resulted in a tough 40 yard run to end the game.

Congratulations boys on playing tough even when you could have thought you didn’t have to. Congratulations on being good sports. Congratulations for taking the opportunity to work on some things that will make you better in the future. Congratulations on knowing that you can never look past a team and have to make the most of the moment to ensure there are more great moments to come. Your discipline was impressive and your neverending effort was a testament to the quality young men you all are. We are proud that you are our Raiders!! GO RAIDERS GO!!