Saturday, September 29th

Could it have been nicer outside? No. Sunny. 27 degrees. And a win for the home team to boot – altogether that equals a pretty sweet Saturday! We’ve got some pretty sweet highlights to share with you too – so, here goes:

The game began with a superb offensive outing. After a successful butt crack run by Paxton, and a nice run by Nic, Mason finished off the drive with a touchdown. (6-0 Raiders) The kicked convert was good for 2. (8-0 Raiders) We were off to a great start. Carson had a perfect squib kick and Parker was all over it and the offense took over again. A 55 yard run by Mason got him into the end zone. (14-6 Raiders) Tyson K. had some fun blocking on the option to clear the way for Mason. (20-6 Raiders) There was a sweet completion Koop to Koop on the screen pass and with another block from Tyson K, Mason was off to another 6 points! (26-6 Raiders) Our passing game was working as a great completion from Tyson K to Mason ended in yet another touchdown, thanks to a timely block by Nic. (32-6 Raiders) Carson was called on for the convert kick and with great height, the ball made it’s way straight through the uprights! (34-6 Raiders) Their speedy #1 ran for a touchdown. (34-12) We got the ball back and Tyson K completed a pass to Paxton who kept right on running his route through the catch and on to positive yards. Mason got his hands on the ball again and it was a touchdown result. (40-12 Raiders) A speedy tackle by Tyson K and Mason stopped them in their tracks – deep in their zone. Defense took to the field and a few things happened: great low tackle by Parker, super contain by Matthew which allowed Carson to finish the runner off, Anthony powered through the line for a big tackle in the backfield to turn over the ball on downs. The very next play, “in our books”, was a power run, straight arm and tip toe down the sideline touchdown for Paxton – but an “inadvertent whistle” by the ref called it back. We’ll still count it over here. J But, as a reward, a great fake by Paxton resulted in a great run by Mason for a Raiders’ touchdown.  CTuff was on target again for the 2 point convert.  We had a little trouble with #1’s speed and they scored.  But a big block kept them right there at 18.

Our defense got the 2nd half off and running in style with a HUGE turn over on downs. Marianna turned on her jets and had a couple 1st down runs in a row, which led to a great fake by Marianna and Tyson K holding on to the ball himself  and finding the end zone.  CTuff could not be stopped and with a perfect snap from Anthony and a great hold by Tyson K , it was 2 more points for us.  We learned what “great angles” means as Daniel stopped them for a loss of yards and then, Parker ran right THROUGH their best running back to stop him right where he was!! An 80 yard run by Mason followed for our last touchdown of the game . #1 came up with a great catch and run for a touchdown.  Their kick was good but that was it. The final whistle blew.

Boys, what a solid game on both sides of the ball, a truly great team effort and with this being our final regular season game, we are officially in 1ST PLACE in the Saturday Atom League!!! Congratulations!!

NOW, having said that… we know that the playoffs begin next weekend and it’s a new season!! We will have to play as hard as we’ve ever played to continue to be successful. We will NOT rest on the wins of the past. It’s 0-0 from right now and we will work harder than ever and take one play at a time to ensure that we do our job. Be confident boys but always respect your opponents to come… expect that your toughest football is yet to come and be prepared to try harder than you even thought possible – THEN, we will be fine.