Atom Raiders Black Vs. St. Vital Mustangs 63-33 Raiders Win

September 22, 2012

To say this game didn’t quite turn out the way we expected would be accurate. Obviously, the players, coaching staff and parents were confident that we would play a great game, but beating the St. Vital Mustangs by such a huge margin was not in the game plan. We LOVED it but we did not expect it. Having said that, we’re certainly not complaining. In some conversations I’ve had since that game, we have wondered what happened to the Mustangs that day. Who was missing? Were they sick?? NOPE!! They just met up with the Eastman Raiders Atom Black team – that’s what happened and I think, if we meet them again, they just might approach the game a little differently (but we won’t). Well done boys – you played a solid game and we’re proud of you.

And now, the game highlights: The game started out with Logan getting a big tackle and then, Kade creating a fumble. The recovered and their found the end zone. (0-6 Mustangs) Great pressure by our defense on the convert and they missed their kick. After a great drive with many positive yards, Mason found the end zone and just hit the post on the convert kick. (6-6) Their got a touchdown on a tricky reverse play. (6-12 Mustangs) They ran in the extra point. (6-13 Mustangs) Our offence answered back with some big blocks by Paxton and a TD run by Mason. (12-13 Mustangs) Convert kick – GOOD! (14-13 Raiders) Our defense did a great job and Carson recovered a fumble to get us the ball back. A completed screen pass from Tyson to Paxton got us positive yards… but the ball went back to the Mustangs. Austin chipped in with a great tackle up the middle. But on the next play their broke a few tackles and ran 80 yards for a TD. (14-19 Mustangs) Superb pressure by Parker caused a missed convert kick. The short kicked and recovered but a great stand by our defense turned the ball back over to us!! Paxton had a huge block which opened up just enough of a lane for Mason to take off for 90 yards and a touchdown! Wow! (20-19 Raiders)

The second half started strong as we had multiple outstanding blocks to get Mason a path to another touchdown (26-19 Raiders and then 28-19) TB had some unbelievable tackles to get the offence back out there. Mason scored. (34-19 Raiders) The 2 point convert was good again (36-19 Raiders) and defense got us the ball back when Parker was all over another Mustangs fumble. A great cut back got Mason into the end zone for the 5th time. (42-19 Raiders/44-19 Raiders) It was at this point that TB turned on the jets and was like lightning through their offensive line – huge tackle. But on the next play, found an opening and they scored. (42-25 Raiders) Their convert was good. (42-27 Raiders) The boys never let up and Nic did some super blocking for some big yards as Mason scored again (50-27 Raiders) The Mustangs fumbled on the kick off and 10 Mason was in the right place at the right time and ran it in. (56-27 Raiders) Parker was like a rocket through the line next and with a huge defensive stand the offence was back on the field. The “Wildcat” was working like a dream and Mason got 6 more points for us with Tyson blocking for him all the way down the field. (62-27 Raiders) The Mustangs managed to get away from our defense one last time. (62-33 Raiders) but that was it. We weren’t quite done yet, as #10 Mason added one more 40 yard run for another big score.  A highlight to end the game — TB caused a fumble and #50 Daniel recovered to completely close the door on this one.

Boys… this was truly a team effort. Defense, your improvement from the 1st half to the 2nd half continues to be impressive. Coaches, your work and your teaching is paying off – they’re getting it and we are winning well. Let’s stay humble and let’s know that there are many games to come. One play at a time and we’ll be fine. Go Raiders Go!!

Highlight we MUST mention: Season high (I’m sure) Mason Kraus – 10 TOUCHDOWNS!! What?!? Way to go buddy!!