Atom Black Transcona Pre-Season Tournament, July 27-28

The Transcona pre-season tournament was a fun start to our 2013 season!  The players on the Atom Black team have already proven that they have the commitment, stamina and great attitude necessary to have a very successful season.  Players played on both sides of the ball, in various positions and still kept the TD scale tipped to the Raider side, only allowing 2 TDs to be scored against them the whole weekend.  The coaches are very proud of the effort put into every play, both by the veterans and the rookies.  There were plenty of great runs and kicks, good blocking, and crunching tackles.  In fact, it is difficult to record all the tremendous plays that were executed which gave the spectators lots to cheer about.   Great work, everyone!  There were a few players acknowledged for their offensive and defensive performances….

Game 1 –  offense – Dylan Fleming #63, defense – Aiden Brindle #67

Game 2 – offense – Teddy Neufeld #60, defense – Cameron Toews-Brindle #93

Game 3 – offense – Alexander Kornelson #66, defense – Cole Rickey #21

Congratulations Atom Black for a fantastic tournament!  We look forward to a great season!

The Raiders Atom Black took on the Transcona Nationals Maroon team early Saturday morning.  However, the early morning didn’t seem to be a problem for the Raiders as they not only scored numerous touchdowns, but kept the Nationals to 2 first downs the entire game.  The Raiders’ first touchdown was run into the end zone by rookie Bryson Friesen #4.  The defense spent a short time on the field with their great tackling led by Anthony Flaming #16.  Mason Esau #38 scored our second touchdown by a great kick return and #2 Mareanna Magonya ran into the end zone to score the convert.  We ended the first half with #24 Aidan Avanthay carrying the ball to score another TD.

The second half of the game was just as strong, keeping the Nationals out of the red zone with some great tackling and effective blocking done by the O-line.  #67 Aiden Brindle had an amazing QB sack to bring the offense back on the field.  But what about that slippery #63 Dylan Fleming!  Great spin moves and some big tenacity saw him carry the ball in for another Raider Touchdown.