First Game of the Season: Crunchers Grey vs. Nomads, August 11

Crunchers Grey took to the field for their first official game of the season on Saturday to play the Nomads. For many of the players, it was the first time that they had ever stepped on a football field to play a live regular season game. After a few plays on both offence and defence to knock the butterflies out, the players settled in and started to get the hang of things.  On Offence, we had some great runs by our running back (#4) and our fullback (#48), all made possible by some solid blocking from our offensive line. The Defence held up when it counted and made some key tackles down the stretch. We had good tackling by #’s 45 and 40 and a timely fumble recovery by #12. Congratulations to the Raiders Grey team for getting that first game under their belt!