First Game of the Season: Crunchers Black vs. Eagles, August 11

Crunchers Black kicked off the first half and on the first Eagles drive the ball was intercepted by #50 Devon and ran in for a TD. This was quickly followed up by a convert from #5 Austin. Following the Raiders kick off, a big tackle from #5 Austin prevented the Eagles from gaining a first down. Two plays later the Eagles fumbled and the ball was recovered by #5 Austin. From this turnover #5 Austin ran in for his second TD of the game. This time the convert was scored by #35 Noah. On the next Eagles drive the ball was again intercepted by #50 Devon who was run out of bound preventing his second score of the game. On the next drive #5 Austin ran in for another TD, and the convert was made by #35. The ensuing kickoff was recovered by the Raiders and on this drive #35 Noah ran in for a TD and #5 Austin for the convert.

The Raiders kicked off the second half and with Eagles moving the ball up the field another big tackle this time from #63 Gavin H prevented what would have been a certain TD. This broke up the Eagles play and the ball was turned over on downs. On the next drive the Raiders #35 Noah ran 40 yards to score his second TD of the game, with #5 Austin running in the convert. Following the kick of the Raiders defense forced a turnover on down deep in Eagles territory from which #13 Eric ran in for a TD; however the Eagles blocked the convert attempt this time round. Again following the kickoff the Eagles got some momentum going but a last ditch tackle from #55 Gavin N prevented the Eagles from scoring on the very last play of the game.

Good Job Raiders.

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