Game 2: Crunchers Black vs. Nomads North, August 18

It was a “balmy day” at Raider field on Sunday, August 18. Although both the Peewee and Atom teams played in the rain, the Crunchers Black team battled against the Nomads in humid heat. Our defense hit the field first and great tackles were made by Austin, Gavin N.and Eric. Although the Nomads scored a touchdown, Boston stopped them from crossing the goal line for a conversion. The Raiders answered back, however, when Eric used the rockets in his shoes and returned the kickoff to score a TD. A great kick by Devon, and more great tackles were delivered by Eric, Austin and Gavin N. However, the Nomads get a big gain and score despite Austin’s “never give up” chase. The offense returns to the field and blocks effectively to allow Austin into the end zone to score the Raiders second major. After another great kick by Devon, Joshua recovers a fumble that brings the offense back on the field. Noah runs the ball in for another touchdown and Eric runs in for the conversion. After Boston loses a tooth in his mouth guard, the Raiders run to the bench for a well deserved half-time break in this blistering heat!

The second half is all Raiders…scoring touchdowns with nice carries by Noah and Austin. However, the Raider defense also did their part by keeping the Nomads to 1 touchdown and scoring their own touchdown when Devon forced a fumble and Gavin N. ran into the end zone. The game ended with Eric running in for a convert. Strong team game, Raiders! Great job! Go Raiders Go!