Game 2: Raiders Atom vs. Nomads North, August 18

It was a far cry from a “balmy day” at Raider field on Sunday, August 18. The Atom Black Raiders proved they were not to be affected by the weather as they battled the rain and the Nomads. Teddy was handed the ball to run for a first down and landed us up in great field position. Then Sawyer ran in for a touchdown to put the Raiders up on the scoreboard early in the first quarter. Teddy was then given a second opportunity to cross the goal line and succeeded. 7-0 Raiders. Logan then made a short kick with Aidan recovering the ball – Raider ball! After another touchdown scored by the Raiders, Logan made another amazing short kick that was again recovered by the Raiders! This time the Nomads made it more difficult for the Raiders to get into the end zone, but a couple of great throws were made by QB Payton. By the end of the first quarter, the Raiders led 20-0.

In the second quarter the Raider defense continued to do a fantastic job of keeping the Nomads from getting a first down. Blasting tackles by Cole and Anthony brought our offense back on the field where carries by Mason and Bryson made it possible for the Raiders to score their 4th major. As it began to pour, Cole recovered a fumble to bring our offense back on the field. Payton and Bryson made carries to cross the goal line one more time. With another great kick by Logan and a 3 and out defensive stance by Joshua, Anthony, Cole, Logan, Brady, Corbin, Aiden Jonah and Cameron….the Raiders offense returned to the field. Great blocking by the offense consisting of Aidan, Noah, Mason, Teddy, Payton and Bryson made it possible for the Raiders to score.

Unfortunately, thunder, lightning and pouring rain caused the game to called near the end of the second quarter. Final score 30 – 0. Another great game, Raiders! Another great team effort! You proved that weather won’t stop you! Way to go!