Game 2: Raiders Bantam vs. Broncos, August 17

A cloudy cool morning greeted the eager players and bleary eyed fans as the Eastman Raider Bantams rolled into Charleswood to play the Broncos. The first half of the game was characterized by solid run the play by the Raiders. #31 Will Cruise and #32 Jack Lenchychyn both had long rushes for touchdowns behind solid team blocking. Quarterback #12 Austin Buehler also rambled for several runs including two touchdowns in the first half. One interception by Buehler was the only setback in an otherwise impressive first half offensively. The defense look spectacular with their run stopping force often provided by several players tackling the running back together. An interception by number #80 Luganda Mongolia for 35 yards run back for a touchdown was another defensive highlight. Pick six baby!  Special teams were very solid at both ends of the ball and the first half ended with a score of 36-0 in favor of the of the Raiders

In the second-half, the sun came out and the Raiders continued their domination on both sides of the ball. The Broncos mounted a couple of drives but the Raiders defense did not break even though assessed several penalties. The Raiders produced one touchdown score in the second half, a 60 yard run by #33 Tyler Bueckert. The Raiders were comfortable moving the ball and the defense and special teams played very well. The shut-out victory for the Raiders was characterized by swarm tackles, tackles in the backfield, and great special teams play. The offense displayed solid run blocking and ability to spread the ball around to different offensive weapons.