Game 4: Raiders Bantam vs. North Nomads, August 31

First Quarter: It was a beautiful hot summer day and the Eastman Raiders opened the scoring when #30 (Oliver Peters) picked up a Nomads fumble on the second play of the game and ran the ball 45 yards for the Touchdown. The Raiders followed up with the convert. The Raiders completely dominated the game and proved to be more than what the Nomads expected. The next play after making the opening touchdown was the kick-off from the Raiders to the Nomads where the Raiders #52 (Graham Cruise) recovered the ball to gain possession. The offense took advantage and #32 (Jack Lenchyshyn) ran a 45 yard sweep for the Raiders 2nd touchdown but the Raiders were unable to convert. After the Nomads brief possession and 3rd down punt, the Raiders gained possession at the Nomads 50 yard line. The Raiders offense #31 (William Cruise) then ran the ball for the Raiders 3rd touchdown and subsequent convert. The Raiders were now leading by a score of 22 to 0. Now the Nomads gained possession of the ball but we’re not able to gain yards and tried a 3rd down punt. The Raiders #30 (Oliver Peters) returned the  ball back for the Raiders 4th touchdown. Unfortunately the Raiders were unable to complete the convert. The Raiders held the Nomads for no yards gained and required them to yet again try another 3rd down punt. The Raiders #51 (Tanner Breustadt) returned the ball to the Nomads 30 yard line. Then the Raiders #80 (Luyanda Magonya) ran the ball to the Nomads 5 yard line. The Raiders then unfortunately fumbled the ball and now gave the Nomads possession on their 3 yard line. The Raiders redeemed themselves however on the next play when the Nomads fumbled the ball in their end zone and Raiders #66 (Cyrus O’Connor) grabbed the ball for the Raiders 5th touchdown. This time the Raiders were able to complete the convert and now the score was 36 to 0. The Raiders then held the Nomads at their 45 yard line and again the Nomads were forced to a 3rd down punt. That was the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter: The Nomads executed their punt attempt at the beginning of the quarter and again the Raiders returned the ball back to the Nomads 45 yard line.  The Nomads now had suffered several injuries and forfeited the rest of the game. The game started at 11:30 and ended at 12:05. Unfortunately it took longer for the Raiders to travel to the game than playing it.