Game 4: Crunchers Black vs. Broncos, September 1

Cool and breezy Sunday morning football. Kick off by Devon, tackle by Austin for short bronco return. Tackle behind the line of scrimmage by Devon. Gavin N tackles for a bronco loss of yards. Huge tackle by Eric, big block by Tyler and touchdown by Austin. Conversion good by Noah. Kick off, broncos ball, back to back big tackles by Joshua and Gavin N. Great team coverage, no gain for the broncos. Shoelace tackle by Eric just shy of the goal line. Good team effort by the raiders but the broncos find the end zone. Big tackle by Boston, Broncos conversion stopped. Kick return picked up by Eric and run all the in! Austin makes good on the conversion. Great team tackle ! Turnover on downs after several tackles by Eric. Raiders start the 2nd half with a big kick return by Boston all the way to the end zone. Pass intercepted by the Broncos brought down quickly by Joshua. Kick off recovered by Joshua, Raiders ball ! Fake to Noah for another run to the goal line. Forced fumble by Kyle recovered by Noah. Big block by Devon and Noah brought down just shy of the end zone. Austin finds the end zone again and then gets the conversion. Big tackle by Devon, no yards for the broncos on the kick return. Broncos break through a group tackle for some good yards only to be brought down by Eric. Eric and Gavin N work together for a huge hit ! Big backfield tackle by Devon and Eric’s tackle brings a turn over on downs. Thanks Raiders Black for another awesome football game. Great team work !