Game 5: Crunchers Grey, September 7

Despite having some real good energy coming into the game the team started off a little shaky, allowing a kick-off return for a TD on the first play of the game. After gathering themselves the defense and special teams really hunkered down, not allowing another point the whole game including the conversion on the kick-off that was returned. On our first offensive possession of the game our boys capped off a three play drive with a run in to the end zone. In the second half the Raiders Grey offense controlled the ball for most off the half, putting together a 12 play drive that ate up most of the clock. The defense held the Raiders Teal offense to another 4 and out, including a sack and a fumble recovery to end the offensive series. Overall, another great team effort from all of our little football players. They offense showed once again that they can move the ball with great blocking and hard running and the defense was stout with a good push upfront and some great clean-up by our linebackers.

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