Game 6: Raiders Bantam vs. Valour Patriots, September 14

First Half: The Raiders came out strong.  The Raiders kicked to the Patriots and then proceeded to hold them and forced a 3rd down punt that gave the Raiders possession at the Patriots 40 yard line.  Two plays later, Jack Lenchyshyn (#32) and William Cruise (#31) each carried the ball to score the Raiders first TD of the game.  The raiders convert attempt was good. At this point in the game mother nature forced a 20 minute delay due to rain and lighting. Now the Raiders defense held the Patriots at the Patriots 45 yard line and forced the turnover.  The Patriots responded and held the Raiders just inches short of a first down to force the turnover.  Now the Patriots rallied and completed a pass and ran the ball to the Raiders 3 yard line.  Now the Raiders defense stepped it up and proceeded to hold the Patriots and forced a 5 yard loss and forced the turnover.  Great effort by the defense! Now the Raiders offense was able to capitalize and William Cruise (#31) ran the ball to the Raiders 30 yard line for the first down.  On the second attempt for their next first down, Jack Lenchyshyn (#32) along with great blocking from his teammates, was able to run the ball for the Raiders 2nd TD of the game.  Unfortunately the Raiders were not able to convert but now lead the game 14 to 0. Now the momentum of the game was definitely in the Raiders hands as they would almost recover their kick-off.  They continued to pressure the Patriots and forced a 3rd down punt.  This allowed the Raiders to take possession at the Patriots 45 yard line.  The raiders pushed the ball for 10 yards to gain a first down.  On the next push for first down, Austin Buhler (#12) passed the ball 15 yards to William Cruise (#31) who then ran the ball for the Raiders 3rd TD of the game.  Again the Raiders were unable to complete the conversion.  The Raiders lead the game by a score of 20 to 0. The Raiders continued to press the Patriots forcing another turnover due to an incomplete first down attempt.  The Raiders took possession at the 50 yard line.  Austin Buhler (#12) then threw the ball 25 yards to Luyanda Magonya (#80) who ran the ball until he was horse-collared tackled by the Patriots.  The Raiders were now 1st and goal.  Now Austin Buhler (#12) was able to perform a QB sneak into the end zone for the Raiders 4th TD.  And this time the Raiders’ conversion was good.  The Raiders lead the game 28 to 0. Now the Raiders kicker Oliver Peters (#30) smashed the ball all the way to the Patriots 20 yard line where the Patriots took possession.  Now the Raiders Kyle Giesbrecht-Martins (#39) made a perfect interception and then proceeded to run the ball back to the line of scrimmage.  Now the Patriots showed some grit as they were able to hold the Raiders from obtaining a first down and forced the turnover. The Raiders responded with their own level of grit and the Patriots were unable to gain a first down and tried a 3rd down punt that was blocked by the raiders defense. After a series of turnovers by both teams for yards not gained, the next turning point was when again the Raiders Kyle Martins-Giesbrecht (#39) again made another interception which gave the Raiders possession at the Raiders 47 yard line.  Now the Raiders were able to capitalize when Austin Buhler (#12) completed the pass to William Cruise (#31) who ran the ball for the Raiders 5th TD.  And again the Raiders completed the convert to lead the game 36 to 0.

Second Half: The Raiders came out strong again and on the opening kick-off of the second half, Jack Lenchyshyn (#32), again with great blocking from his team mates,  returned the ball for the Raiders 6th TD of the game.  Unfortunately the Raiders did not complete the conversion.  They now led the game 42 to 0. The teams now battled hard and forced each other to turn over the ball a number of times due to yards not gained by both teams. It was in the 4th quarter when one of the Patriots players was tackled hard by the Raiders and sustained a serious injury requiring the ambulance to be called.  The Patriots team then ended the  game short due to injuries. We hope for a speedy recovery for the Patriots player that was injured.