Game 6: Raiders Pee Wee vs. Nationals, September 15

Sunny but cold… what?!? Oh yes, the wind. And oh yeah… it’s already September. I suppose we’ve been spoiled this year compared to others, so, we will not complain. Especially after the performance our boys put on. Wow! It all started a little late — but once we got going — we were really going. In fact, so many plays happened today it will be in point form… get ready to follow some serious action.

– 90 yard run by Mason (6-0 Raiders)
– Great kick off by Riley Karlenzig
– Super stop by Parker on run back
– Tackle by Paxton on their first run
– Group tackle for loss of yards
– Isaac wrapped up the kicker on a bobbled snap and the ball was ours
– 48 yard run by Mason (12-0 Raiders)
– Egan complete reception to Tyson K for 1 point convert (13-0 Raiders)
– Super pressure by Avery, Keone, and Andrew on the d-line
– Decker made sure the quarterback got nowhere on another bad snap
– Andrew caused a 4 yard loss
– Super blocks by Tyson K and for a super gain by Mason
– Big run by Egan
– Fake and run by Tyson K for a gain of 11 yards
– 39 yard run by Austin (19-0 Raiders)
– Great grab and hold by Tyson K and Nick kicked it through for the convert (21-0 Raiders)
– Their quarterback found the end zone (21-6 Raiders)
– TB – good solid run on the kick off
– Pass completion with some serious scrambling by Egan to avoid the sack
– 35 yard run by Mason (27-6 Raiders)
– TD saving tackle by Daniel
– A couple of costly penalities by us and a pass reception by Transcona for a touchdown (27-12 Raiders)
– Isaac’s pressure got in the way of the 2 point convert
– 67 yard run and some fancy footwork by Mason for another TD (33-12)
– Super kick through the uprights (35-12)
– Defence stood strong and the offence got another turn.
– 20 yard reception from Egan to Teg for a huge first down
– 69 yard run by Mason (41-12)
– Nick, Gab and Andrew all threw in big tackles
– A 17 yard pass completion from Egan to Reagan
– 57 yard run by Mason (47-12)
– On the kick off, Mason stripped the ball and had a free run to 6 more points.
– Tyson K came up with another 1 point convert catch
– Keone kicked a boomer
– Andrew recovered fumble — ball… Raiders.
– Pass complete to Dylan and then, got a little help with the quick recovery by Tyson K.
– fumble recovery by Transcona on a bit of a bobble by us and the defense was back on the field.
– Interception by Parker and ball was ours.
Egan completed to Jayden for a gain of 7 yards
– Mason followed the blockers up the middle for his 8th TD of the game
– Big tackle by Gab
– 47 yard catch and run by Austin
– Egan pluned over the goal line — TD!!
– Dylan caught the ball for the 1 point convert
– Andrew and Isaac combined to take down their runner
– a super reverse play from TK, to Mason, to Teg resulted in a 50 YARD RUN all the way to the endzone… BUT… it got called back. Still worth a mention here… what a play!!
– Daniel had great coverage on their receiver
– Interception by TB stopped their march.
– Mason to Egan — longest throw of the game and Egan was off to their end zone — a 104 yard play!!!
– the 2 point convert kick by Mason was good!!

It was a strong game on our part. It was a better second half than first. Everyone had to do their part for such a solid win. Way to go boys!! GO RAIDERS GO!!