Game 8: Crunchers Teal vs. Mustangs Red, September 28

The very wet and muddy game started off with Damon receiving the kickoff. Our offence pulled off fake by Kean opening up for a pass from Gavin to Jerome, leaving Jerome ready to run in a touchdown, and the convert. Cazden starts the defense off with a good kick. Our defense works hard to keep the Mustangs scrambling, with a fumble by the Mustangs and Noah and Jerome working together to force the mustang offence out of bounds. Our offence comes back to the field, with a good pass from Gavin to Jerome who runs the ball to the end zone for our second touchdown, no convert. Even with a good kick by Treyton, and a some good blocking by Mikka and our defense, the Mustang offence makes it to the end zone for a touchdown, but our boys wouldn’t let them through for the convert. Our offence came back out with couple of fumbles, and recoveries by Damon and Jerome. As well as a couple of good runs by Kean and Jerome to finish out the first half. The second half started with Noah kicking. Our boys came out hitting with some great teamwork. Treyton and Cazden working together for tackle, and Damon and Mikka followed suit. A tackle by Mikka, followed by Noah and Cazden working together, forcing the Mustangs out of bounds. Asher and Mikka teamed up on a tackle, bringing our offence back on the field. Our offence came in with a fake by Kean,and some good runs by Asher and Jerome. A fumble recovered by Kean and a run by Jerome who just refused to go down. Our defense finished off the game with a couple of good tackles by Cazden, a tackle by Treyton. As well as a good team tackle by Noah and Damon followed by a huge tackle by Damon. One last tackle by Noah finished the game. Even cold, wet and muddy our boys played another amazing game. Way to go Raiders Teal!