Game 8: Raiders Pee Wee vs. Eagles, September 29

So, here’s what we knew before this game began. The sun was shining and it was going to be a great day for football. We also knew that we were playing a very tough opponent. We knew we’d have to be firing on all cylinders to have any success and we knew that we had to take it one play at a time and give it our all. What we didn’t know was HOW great a day it was going to be for football – for RAIDER football!! Here we go:

Some great variety in the offense and a great push by Mason got us into the end zone first. (6-0 Raiders) The defense made a HUGE stand to stop them near our end zone and turn the ball over on downs. Teg showed some super legs but eventually the ball went back to them. Isaac and Andrew got through the line and Keone and crew wrapped up the next runner. Isaac took care of their #5 in the backfield and the ball was back to us. Some super blocks on the line for Mason to break free for a 70 yard touchdown run. (12-0 Raiders) The 2 point convert kick by Mason was good. (14-0 Raiders) Our defense never let down for a second as there was a stop by Andrew and TB, then, Isaac and Parker worked together for a tackle. A bobble on the snap by the Eagles and Parker tackled the QB at full speed…. Turn over on downs!! Our offence made some progress but eventually had to punt and a huge flying kick by Mason pinned them deep in their own end. Solid defence forced them to punt. Our offence took their turn and then, with time running out, their offence made some progress till TB grabbed the runner and just wouldn’t let go to end the half scoreless for them!

Half time did not slow our boys down as the defense started things off with serious pressure from the defensive line over and over again! Andrew pressure and Parker came in to stop their running back. Nick wrapped the runner up on the outside for a loss of yards. The next play was a super high punt and TB landed on it. Our offense took a turn, and when their offense came back on, Lennox stopped their drive where it started with a huge interception! Our offense was called on again and on third down, our plan was to punt but a bit of a missed snap caused Mason to do some fast thinking and even faster running to get us a much needed first down! What some thought (including me) was a super fake by Tyson K., but in reality was a mis-cue, Mason was free to run right into the end zone – TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!! (20-0 Raiders) The 2 point convert kick by Mason was once again – good! (22-0 Raiders) No question our defense was on a mission – TB stopped the running back, and a team effort stopped their quarterback in his tracks. An amazing completion to #5 made us very aware that they were not done! TB wrapped him up down field though, George sacked the quarterback, Paxton pulled down the quarterback as well and Andrew tackled their running back for no yards and defense – may we just say SUPER effort to turn the ball over on yards again. Offense went back to work, but when the drive didn’t progress as hoped we punted. Austin turned on the jets and recovered the punt and the offense stayed right where they were. A hard fought run by Mason with a few twists and turns and it was first down Raiders. Isaiah threw in a massive block and opened up a lane for another Raider 1st down!! Teg broke through the middle and got us right close to the end zone. Unfortunately we got tripped up and on came the defense. It was a team effort to pull down their #5 and Nathan, Keone, Paxton and Andrew powered through for another quarterback sack. George decided to fly in and get a QB sack of his own and the ball was turned over to us again. Mason, followed the block, escaped a tackle or two and literally flew into the end zone. (28-0 Raiders) The 2 point convert was GOOD. (30-0 Raiders) Never underestimating our opponents, defense stood strong to finish – a quarterback sack by Andrew and Nick and George wrapped up their runner for a shut out. Wow!!

What an amazing result!! Not because we expected it. Not because we tried to get it all at once… but because we put our heads down and we did our best on every single play!! We worked 100% from the first whistle till the last one. Congratulations Raiders on a regular season well done!! So, now it’s playoffs – and besides getting ourselves into a good position for the post-season – it’s a new beginning and what we’ve done to this point was just preparing us for NOW. We will have to work harder than we ever have before – and we don’t have to think about whether or not we’ll win or lose – we just have to think about working harder than anyone else out there. Believing in ourselves and never, EVER giving up!! WELL DONE!! GO RAIDERS GO!!