Playoff Game 1: Raiders Pee Wee vs. Rods, October 5

It’s cold. It’s windy. Who’s ready for a playoff football game?? The Pee Wee Raiders, that’s who!! The boys came out firing on all cylinders and it was fun to watch. Here’s how it went:

Nick caught the first kick off. Then, a long run by Mason, a short run by Teg, and a crucial 3 yards by Mason for a 1st down. Austin got the ball and powered into the end zone for touchdown #1. (6-0 Raiders) A huge kick by Teg and the 2 point convert was good! (8-0 Raiders) A short kick by Mason and RECOVERED by us!! Offense was on again. Back to defense, super pressure by Paxton and a tackle by Isaac and the ball was turned over on downs. It was a quick offensive outing and our defense was called on again. Alex got a hold of the runner and held on till the rest of the team could finish the tackle. Andrew pulled down the next runner and once again – turnover on downs! Offense made their next possession count. 1 broken tackle, some super runs and then an 80 yard run by Mason and we scored!! (14-0 Raiders) Mason kicked it right through the uprights. (16-0 Raiders) Our defense remained strong as the defensive line held the runner and Nick and Parker flew in to finish the tackle. On came the offense. A big hole created by the offensive line and blockers and Mason was gone!! (22-0 Raiders) Another massive kick by Teg through the goal posts and 2 more points were ours. (24-0 Raiders) Big pressure by the D-line all game, George recovered the fumble to make it Raiders’ ball. Adam, Riley Karlenzig, Dylan K and Isaiah stood strong to give our offense time. Mason had to try twice because of a Raider penalty – but found the end zone on the second run. (30-0 Raiders) Mason took his turn at kicking and the 2 point convert was GOOD! TB flew down the field on the long kick off and stopped them right where they started. Nick wrapped up the running back, Gab tackled for a loss of yards, Parker took a hit but won the battle and Paxton broke through to get in the quarterback’s space and Nick knocked the pass away. Yep – it was Raider’s ball once again. A long completed pass from Tyson K. got us to the 1 yard line and a simple hand off to Teg and he ran over the line. Touchdown! He followed that up with a kick for 2 points. Go Raiders. Defense continued their solid play as Paxton wrapped up the runner, super defense by Daniel caused an incomplete pass by the Rods and the ball was back to us. A super escape and run by Austin got us to the 1 yard line and after some good pass attempts, the run by Mason got us another 6 points. We mixed it up a little and a completed pass from Egan to Dylan W. added yet another point to the Raiders’ side. Big hustle by Keone pushed their runner right into TB’s arms – tackle! But the next play turned out to be a bright spot for the Rods, #53 broke through the middle and after a long run found the end zone. (36-6 Raiders) On their convert attempt, Raiders’ defense blocked the kick to hold them to just one score. A 15 yard completion from Tyson to Austin, a super fake pass by Tyson K and a hand off to Mason and 45 yards later – touchdown! Teg kicked for 2 and it was good! Keone stayed on the runner and brought him down holding him to 5 yards, then came a blocked punt and recovery by Nathan!! 3 quick downs and we punted. Strong defense and coverage and the ball was back to us. A great run by Teg and a big push by the O-line for a 1st down and the quarterfinal on the Saturday side was in the history books.

The first step is complete but now the steps get even steeper. Be ready, be excited, keep playing how you can and doing what you know!! Trust your training boys! You have worked hard!! Not for the easy games but for the ones that count. One play at a time with more effort than you’ve ever given and we’ll be just fine! GO RAIDERS GO!!!