Playoff Game 2: Raiders Pee Wee vs. Broncos, October 12

When you reach the playoffs in football, you never know if this is going to be your last game of the season or just your next game of the season. The only thing you know is that you have to give it your all and then, the game will turn out how it’s supposed to. That’s how sports goes. The only thing you can control is how hard you try and how much heart you put into it. Well, in the rain, wind and cold – our Pee Wee Raiders gave it their all. They’ve done that all season. So, since this is my last write-up of the 2013 season – I figured I better give it my all. And here’s how the game went.

Broncos kicked off and the game began. Teg got the 1st carry and on his second carry, had a huge 46 yard run! Well done! A great march by our offense but we couldn’t quite find the end zone so, defense took to the field. The Broncos quarterback ran the field to the end zone but an illegal block brought it back. Paxton hunted the runner down and took him down. Andrew had a huge tackle in the backfield but then, a screen pass to their #33 and he was gone. (6-0 Broncos) The kick was also good. (8-0 Broncos) Offence took a short turn on the field and then, the defense went back to work. George had a super diving tackle, George shook a big block on the next play and grabbed the runner but on their third try, #33 slipped through our fingers and was gone (14-0 Broncos) Hard work by our defense stopped their running game and turned the ball over on downs. After our offense gave it their best — #33 just kept churning his legs till he found the end zone. (20-0 Broncos) Defense’s next turn on the field was met with success and they turned the ball over on downs. This time the offense made it count!! The O-line stood strong and with some great blocking made a hole just big enough for Mason to break through and he was gone!! TOUCHDOWN Raiders!! (20-6 Broncos) Mason kicked the convert and it was GOOD! (20-8 Broncos) Paxton threw the runner down on the next play and caused him to fumble – we recovered!! Mason ran a hard fought 2 yards, Austin ran for 5 yards and Mason got a big first down – but no score this time. A huge tackle by George for a loss of yards and defense was on the field for a long time and held them with no score!! Yes!! Lennox caused a fumble on the pass. When Mason punted our next ball, it was long and Austin had a huge stop!! Keone, Andrew and George powered through for a loss of yards. TB and Parker stopped the screen pass short but a few high tackles and #33 got away. (26-8 Broncos) Defense was back on and a team effort brought them down a number of times but a great run by their speedy #2 and it was a score for the Broncos. (32-8 Broncos) 3 quick tries by us and the defense was called on again. Super tackling causing a fumble and we, once again, recovered. Great job defense!! Avery showed great speed to push the runner out, TB sprinted to stop the next one, but a completed Broncos pass resulted in a score. (38-8 Broncos) Our offense returned, highlighted by a completed screen pass to Jayden. The defense returned to finish off the game, which included a huge tackle by Paxton, a near interception by Nick that broke up their play and George wrapping up the runner’s legs and the rest of the defense finished him off.

So, now we knew. This was, indeed, the last game of our 2013 season. A season FILLED with success. A young Pee Wee team showing the rest of the league that we had some great football in us!! A young Pee Wee team that learned how to win by winning and who held their heads high and learned from their losses when they had to. (which really wasn’t very often) So many of us watched you work, not only in the games, but in all of those practices. Don’t forget that it was back in the middle of July that the work started and we are SO proud of you for your sacrifice, commitment and your drive to be the best you could be!! We think you ARE the best. More than one team commented on what a great group of young men you are. Helping others up… playing with good, disciplined skill and playing because you love the game and your teammates. You represented us as well as anyone could have and we are still cheering for this team in our hearts!! You are champions and we know that for many of you, there is lots of football yet to come!! Thank you coaches for sacrificing your time, and putting your heart and soul into these boys. Your influence will not be forgotten!! Thank you Deb for managing this team like a pro!! Thank you volunteers for making it all possible. And THANK YOU players and one last time for this time around — GO RAIDERS GO!!