Atom Black vs. Sunrise Coyotes – August 9

The game started out with the Eastman Raiders kicking off to the Coyotes.

The Coyotes first drive ended in them turning the ball over with a fumble.
The Raiders first drive went about 30 yards before it stalled.
The Coyotes started at their own 15 and managed 1 first down before being stopped.
The teams traded possessions with defenses ruling.
The first quarter ended 0-0.

The 2nd quarter started with the Raiders on the Coyotes 20. The drive ended in a touchdown by Gavin Pidsadney.The point after was missed.
The Coyotes drive started at their own 50. The Raiders defenceman stood tall again stuffing them and pushing them back 10 yards.
The Raiders offense took over on the 40 and managed to get a couple of first downs before fumbling. The Coyotes could not capitalize on the turnover. The Raiders took over on the Coyotes 20 and got no where due to a holding penalty and strong defence. The teams traded possessions at the Coyotes 15, going nowhere as both defenses were tough.
The first half ended Raiders 6 Coyotes 0.

The 2nd half started with the Coyotes kicking off to the Raiders. The Raiders started on the Coyotes 35 yard line.
The Raiders offense had a nice run from Cazden getting to the 10 yard line.
The drive ended there with a fumble by the Raiders. The Coyotes offense could not do anything with it the drive stalling at the 15.
The Raiders offense moved it about 5 yards and we’re stopped again.
The third quarter was dominated by more defense. The 3rd quarter was highlight ed by a nice touchdown run by Isaiah from the 15 yard line.
The Coyotes started their next drive on the 50 yard but couldn’t move the ball. The third quarter ended Raiders 12 Coyotes 0.

The fourth quarter started with the Coyotes fumbling and the Raiders taking over on the Coyotes 50. The Raiders drove the ball to the Coyotes 35 before turning it over on downs.
The Coyotes drive went all of 3 yards before being stopped.
The fourth quarter was highlighted by nice 10 yard runs by Bauer and Danic. The Raiders drive was stopped on the Coyotes 10. The Raiders defense kept pushing the Coyotes back. The Raiders took over on the Coyotes 5 yard line. The Raiders scored a touchdown with a nice pass to Gavin Pidsadney. The convert was no good.
The Coyotes started their next drive at midfield. The Raiders defense was ferocious with some hard tackles and not giving up any yards. However offside penalties aided and hurt the Coyotes allowing them to move the ball a few yards.
The Raiders drove the ball nicely with runs from Bauer and Isaiah. The game ended with the Raiders on the Coyotes 20.

Final score: Eastman 18 Sunrise 0

Player of the game was Evan.

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