Crunchers Black vs. St. Vital Mustangs – August 9

Raiders start the game by kicking off. Mustangs run the ball with #69, Denver, tackling him after 15 yards. Mustangs run the ball again, scoring a touchdown. #69 and #40, Denver and Kean tackled him in he endzone. Mustangs scored the convert with #30, Cody tackling him. Mustangs kick off with the Raiders, Brayson #99 receiving. Raiders quarterback, #18, Samuel, hands off to #88, Jett who runs all the way for the touchdown. Again, for the convert, #88 runs the ball into the endzone. Raiders #18 kicks the ball 15 yards with mustangs falling on the ball. Mustangs run the ball all the way down the field and score a touchdown. Mustangs try to run the ball for the convert, but #88, Jett, tackles him before he can get in! Mustangs kick off, with #82, Dylan recovering the ball at the 35 yard line. Raiders hand off to #88, Jett, who runs 10 yards before being tackled. Raiders #18 tries to pass the ball to #35, but is intercepted, and Mustang player runs it in to score a touchdown. Again, they are unable to score on their convert, with #13 tackling him. Raiders kick off with the Mustangs receiving the ball. Mustangs run the ball, scoring another touchdown. #13, Kyle, tackles the Mustang player trying to complete the convert again! Mustangs kick off with #35, Brody, recovering the football. Raiders, #18, hands off to #88, who is tackled with a gain of 2 yards. On second down, #18, Samuel, tries to pass to #35, Brody, with it falling incomplete.

Mustangs kick off with #63, Kristjan recovering the ball at the 30 yard line to start the second half. On first down, #88, Jett receives the handoff and runs to the 43 yard line. #18, tries another pass to Brody, which falls incomplete. On second down, Raiders handoff to Jett, #88, who runs 2 yards. On third down, Samuel tries to pass to #35, which is defended by the Mustangs. On 4th down, #18 hands off the ball to #35, Brody, who runs 3yrds. Mustangs ball. Mustangs run the ball, with Jett, #88 tackling him after 5yards. On 2nd down, they run the ball again with Denver, #69, stopping him for a gain of no yards! Great job! On 3rd down, Mustangs run the ball in for a touchdown. But, once again, the Raiders were able to stop them on the convert, with #30 and #82, in on the tackle. Mustangs kick with #30, Cody, receiving at the 25 yard line. #18, Samuel hands off to #13,Kyle for a run of 5yards. Raiders pass on 2 be down, which is intercepted by the Mustang player. Mustangs handoff the ball with #63, Kristjan and #40, Kean, in on the tackle, after 10 yards. Mustangs run the ball again, with #99, Braysen tackling the player in the endzone. Touchdown Mustangs. They handoff the ball and complete the convert. Mustangs kick with Jett, #88 receiving the ball, and running 20 yards. Raiders hand off to #88, Jett who gains another first down.

Great job Crunchers Black! They played hard!