Atom Teal vs. Broncos – August 17

The first quarter started with the broncos kicking the ball and the raiders receiving. Eric catches the ball for a few yards and the raiders take control of the ball. Boston hands the ball to Austin for a few carries and first downs. Noah also carries the ball for a few runs and firsts downs. After seven plays and a great rush by the raiders Boston hands the ball to Austin for a touchdown run and the raiders are first on the scoreboard. 6-0. Josh for the raiders kicks the ball after the touchdown and it bounces out of bounds near centre field , giving the broncos a first attempt with the ball. Raiders defence takes the field. The broncos use their three downs and the raiders take back the ball on turnover on downs. Austin carries the ball from QB Boston for a first down, followed by Noah carting the ball for several 1st downs, the raiders have a great rush to the goal line , but turn over the ball on downs which ends the 1st quarter.
2nd quarter starts with the raiders defence on the field. The raiders only give up about two yards the defence stands their ground. Excellent work! The raiders take the ball on turnover of downs from the broncos and in three plays Noah carries the ball across the line for another 6 points. Raiders lead 12-0. The raiders kick the ball to the broncos. The broncos offence wakes up and carries the ball for three 1st downs moving the ball deeper into raiders zone. A late fumble on third down gives the ball back to the raiders on turn over on downs. The raiders use their three downs not turning ten yards, broncos get the ball back. The broncos QB carries the ball for 2 first downs and is brought down hard by raiders defence, Eric making a crushing tackle. Raiders get the ball back on turnover of downs and till the half make rushing plays from Austin and Noah

3rd quarter, Raiders kick the ball to the broncos, return for a few yards. Eric has a nice tackle on #80 of the broncos, broncos try for a throw attempt on 2nd down. 3rd down and broncos QB runs for a 60 yard touchdown to put them on the scoreboard. Broncos complete a throw for the extra point . 12-7 raiders. Broncos have a great kick after the TD, and Boston runs the field for a good ten yards . Raiders have a few long carries by Noah and Austin. Austin almost gets away for a touchdown run but #16 for the broncos has a shoelace tackle . Raiders complete a throwing play, Boston to Austin, but turn over on downs after third down. Broncos have the ball for a short time as the raiders defence remain solid. As the raiders offence take the ball back, you can see something has got them going. In two plays a nice run from Noah scores the raiders another touchdown ! 18-7 raiders. Raiders extra conversion is no good. A short kick puts the ball on the fifty. Broncos make one 1st down but fall to move the ball and take a few penalties. Raiders offence get three tries at a first down, and even with the chains out for a measurement, have to turn the ball back to the broncos. Back and forth the ball is exchanged until late into the forth quarter when the broncos score a touchdown with another QB sneak. Broncos complete another conversion bringing the score within reach at 14-18 raiders.

A few penalties are called in the forth quarter and the ball is exchanged back and forth with small gains. There are some intense moments near the end of the game as the broncos had the ball and where close to the raiders line. The defence held the broncos offence from scoring, and the raiders offence pulled through by getting enough points on the scoreboard to win the game. Excellent work players , coaches and parents for coming out to support our team on it’s home opener! Final score 18-14 Raiders.