Atom Black vs. St. Vital Mustangs – August 23

It was 19 C and overcast for the Atom Black Raiders first home game of the season. The game began with the Mustangs kicking the ball off to the Raiders . The Raiders started off on their own 35 and had a couple of nice runs from Cazden and Anthony before the first penalty of the game against the Raiders helped stall the drive at the 45. The teams traded possessions with defences ruling the 1st quarter and penalties stalling St Vital drives. Evan was a standout on defence for the Raiders making some strong tackles and Cazden had a couple of nice runs but the 1st quarter ended St Vital 0 Raiders 0.

The 2nd quarter began with St Vital with the ball on their own 30 yard line. The Mustangs quarterback(#12) took matters into his own hands getting to the outside and rushing all the way for the games 1st score, the convert was missed and it was 6-0 Mustangs. On the ensuing kickoff the Raiders started with the ball on their own 45 yard line. Bauer started things out with an 8 yard run and Anthony added a couple of yards to get the Raiders a first down. The Raiders drive ended with them punting on third down and the Mustangs taking over on their 40 yard line. The Raiders defence played tough and #97 Evan was involved in stopping the Mustangs again. The Raiders took over on the 45 and once again Cazden had a good run before the drive ended with the Mustangs getting a sack on the Raiders quarterback. The Mustangs next drive started with them completing the first passing play of the game to get a first down. The drive was shut down by the Raiders at the 50 and the Mustangs were also backed up by penalties once again. The Raiders drive was shut down by a strong Mustang defence, and a fumble which the Raiders recovered, but ended up punting to St Vital. The end of the 2nd quarter was highlighted by good defence by Eastman as #56 did a good job of tackling. Bauer and Odin both added some strong runs, but the first half ended Mustangs 6-Raiders 0.

The 2nd half kickoff was received by the Mustangs and they began with the ball on the 45. Eastman started with some more great pursuits from #56 (Jerome) and St Vital was also slowed by penalties before their offence took over. #5 for the Mustangs broke to the outside and took a long run to get St Vital’s 2nd touchdown of the game. They converted the kick as well so with 10:40 left in the 3rd quarter it was 14-0 for the Mustangs. The Raiders next drive began at midfield but a couple of fumbles; the 2nd one recovered by St Vital ended up costing Eastman another touchdown. The third quarter was dominated by penalties and the Mustangs offence. The score at the end of the 3rd quarter Mustangs 34-Raiders 0.
The fourth quarter began with the Mustangs on their own 45. They began to drive the ball down the field before #56 (Jerome) for the Raiders stripped the ball away and rumbled all the way down to St Vital’s 1 yard line before finally being tackled. Unfortunately for the Raiders, the Mustangs defence stopped them right there. St Vital moved the ball to about midfield but the fourth quarter ended without any more scoring. The game ended St Vital 34-Raiders 0.