Crunchers Teal vs. Eastside Eagles – August 17

Kick Off to the Raiders, Eagles get the ball. # 11 Jace with the tackle, second down for the eagles. # 25 Asher Fehr and Jace Woytowich with the tackle, Third down Eagles run it in for a touch down. Jace #11 stops the conversion point. Kick off to Raiders, recovered by the Eagles. 1st down Eagles and Eagles bring it in for a touch down. On the conversion # 11 Jace Woytowich intercepts the ball and stops the play. Kick off to the Raiders, Touch down by the raiders # 50 Gavin Neufeld runs it the whole way down the field. Raiders kick off to Eagles, 1st down and # 11 tackles the eagle player, small gain. 2nd down Tackle by # 11 Jace and # 42 Zachary, 3rd down Eagles tackled by # 11 Jace, #60-Dylan and #42 Zachary but Eagles make the first down. 2nd down another great tackle by # 11- Jace and # 25 Asher, 3rd down tackle # 11 Jace and # 60 Dylan, 4th down tackle by # 42 Zachary and 60 Dylan, Raiders ball. Raiders run the ball for a touchdown #50 Gavin Neufeld on the conversion fumbled no point. Kick off to the Eagles # 11 Jace and # 25 Asher with the tackle and we are at half time. Kick off to the Eagles,1st down eagle # 42 tackle no gain, 2nd down Tackle by # 25 Asher , small gain, 3rd down Eagles intercepted by # 60-Dylan. 1st down Raiders, # 50 Gavin makes a run but no gain, 2nd down raiders hand off to # 50 Gavin and he runs it in for a touch down. Extra point was good. Kick off to the Eagles, tackle # 25 Asher and # 88 Hunter. 2nd down Eagles tackle by # 11 Jace, 3rd down with tackles by # 11, 25 and 88. First down Eagles tackle by # 11 and #60. 2nd down Eagles tackled by #11 Jace but make first down. First down tackled by #11, Second down tackled by # 11, Third down tackle by # 25 no gain. 4th down 88, 25 and 42 with the stop Raiders get possession of the ball. Raiders have the ball on the goal line, tried a reverse play stopped at the line. 2nd down no gain, 3rd down no gain, Kick off to the Eagles. 1st down Eagles , no gain stopped by #88, 11 and 60. Eagles get 1st down big run and big tackle by # 25, 2nd down tackled by # 11 Jace, 3rd tackled by # 11 and 25. Game over.