Crunchers Teal vs. Eastside Eagles – September 7

The game begins with a big kick from Eastside, picked up by #42 (Zachary Vogt) at the 40 yrd line. #25 (Asher Fehr) receives the ball and gains first down with a 10yrd run! #48 receives the ball in the next play, however is taken down by the opposition.

Our defense starts their play with a great team tackle from #60 & #42!! (Dylan Godlewski and Zachary Vogt) The Eagles attempt a pass which is incomplete and another great team tackle by #50 & #20! (Gavin Neufeld & Blake Sproule)

Offense is back on the field, # 48(Mason Funk) receives the ball, but is quickly taken down. Their defense gives our guys a run for their money! Despite great efforts, and additional attempts to break through, we are unable to gain any ground this round.

Eastside run’s the ball wide, but is quickly taken down by #50! Eastside is continually held back with great tackles from #60, 50, and 20! Excellent teamwork!

Offense makes several attempts once again to gain some yards, with #25 breaking through for a big gain in yards! He is taken down, and loses the ball to Eastside.

Defense is back on with a surprising interception by #50, who snags the ball on a pass and runs it in for the first touchdown!!! Convert is incomplete. Defense continues with several great tackles by #9 (Tyler Howe) as well as #20!

Second half begins with a big kick from #50. Eastside pass intercepted once again by #50!! Raiders Ball! The next play sees #88 (Hunter Fehr) running the ball for a 5 yrd gain! #25 receives the ball and completes an excellent 20yrd run! Next play, #25 receives the ball again and runs in for a touch down!! Convert incomplete.

Big kick by #11 (Jace Woytowich) of the kicking team, followed by a fast takedown at Eastside pickup. Defense continue with many great tackles by # 11 and #60 as usual including a huge team pileup! Great teamwork as usual!!

The last few plays did not see any major movement on the field and before we knew it, that was the game!!! Fantastic job Crunchers!!