Pee Wee vs. Winnipeg North Nomads – September 13

The sun was peaking through the clouds, the wind was doing a good job of reminding us that it’s fall and there were some BIG boys on the Nomads side — and we were ready to go. Well… not EVERYONE was ready to go… a few injured players didn’t suit up today, which was going to make the game even more of a challenge… and the Raiders were ready for it.

After a couple of powerful runs by the Nomads, a dropped ball and recovery by us and the ball was ours. Quickly, a 60 yard run resulted in a touchdown!! (Raiders 6 Nomads 0) Followed by a snap, hold and a new kicker — no problem — 2 points! (Raiders 8 Nomads 0) Super pressure by our defensive line and down came their runner – ball back to us. Great blocking bot us way down the field. Some big boys got running for the Nomads and a hard fought battle down the field, they found the end zone (Raiders 8 Nomads 6) Hard work up the middle and then a 40 yard toss, a super grab and 6 more points for us!! (Raiders 14 Nomads 6) Another kick through the uprights finished off that scoring drive. (Raiders 16 Nomads 6) The defense just got stronger and stronger and after a measure — it was a turn over on downs — AWESOME STOP!! A short turn by offense and defense returned with the Nomads in scoring position but after their #42 got “Dokkened” it ended up being a crucial stop near the end zone. Offence got into the action again and we ended the half with a short pass and huge YAC yards for a massive 1st down.

The offence started us off in the 2nd half. Some great plays kept moving the sticks. An awesome fake and a great sell on the hand off and we were off to the end zone. (Raiders 22 Nomads 6) 3 for 3 on the converts and we had 2 more points. (Raiders 24 Nomads 6) Defense figured out the run but a long pass moved the sticks for the Nomads this time. They were knocking on the door but the defence closed it big time! 2 huge stops and a crushing blitz and the ball was back to us. Offence stepped on to the field and after a bobbled ball – we landed on it in our end zone – a safety gave them a couple. (Raiders 24 Nomads 8) A huge swat on the pass and a recovery to boot and the ball was ours — come on Raiders!! A 25 yard objectionable conduct on the Nomads’ coach helped our march continue down the field. Some quarterback and running back variety and we found the end zone again. (Raiders 30 Nomads 8) The ball hit the cross bar on the convert… “missed by that much”. Defence decided to put an excalmation point on their unbelievable performance and a HUGE interception, some outstanding blocking and a long run to the end zone certainly did that!! (Raiders 36 Nomads 8) And you guessed it — even with a bit of a low snap — the kick squeaked through — final score Raiders 38 Nomads 8.

Well done boy!! Some adversity going into this game. The Nomads are a great team with some unbelievable size… but our bigs boys took on their big boys and there was no looking back. We were great on both sides of the ball but our defense had to stop the big boys and they did that in a determined, stifling manner. Coach Joe will be sorry he missed this one — but will be thrilled with the result and how we got there!! GO RAIDERS GO!!!