Aug 08 2015

We had an awesome season opener game against St Vital Red, and we gave them a serious run for their money!!

Some of the game highlights….

St Vital starts with 2 TD, but our defence block both convert attempts. Our first TD is scored by #10 Eric Martens in one exciting run! The Convert is brought in by #9 Boston Thiessen!

St. Vital takes hold of the ball, but it’s not long before defensive player # 55 Gavin Neufeld intercepts.

# 10 Eric Martens runs in our second TD! Number # 9 Boston Thiessen once again runs in the convert!

With both teams aggressively making their way across the field, there were many excellent tackles and the defence was on fire! Great tackles by # 55 Gavin Neufeld, #98 Austin Neufeld, # 95 Grayson Styve, #16 Anthony Charonneau and many more!!

Our third TD is run in by #2 Noah Godlewski, Convert is good by #10 Eric Martens! Score is now 21-30!

After a long intense battle on the field and excellent support from everyone on the line and behind it, we finish our 4th quarter with #10 Eric Martens running in our last TD, bringing our final score to 27-30 for St. Vital.

WOW!!! Talk about an exciting game! Great effort from all the players! This is going to be a fantastic season!!