Aug 09 2015

Eastman Bantam Raiders vs Eastside Eagles
10:00 a.m.

It was a beautiful morning for football. Some sun, some clouds and bit of a breeze. We were ready to play some football and so were the Eagles. Here’s how it went.

Avery handled the first kick off with a solid run… and when the Eagles got the ball back a few fancy steps by their #5 helped him find the end zone. (0-6 Eagles) A super completion to Lennox for a big gain and some tough runs by Teg. The defence went back to work. Keaton caught up to #5 for a stop and that was followed by a huge tackle by Riley for a loss of yards! Our defence battled tough and it took a long time for the Eagles to find the end zone again… but… they did. (0-12 Eagles) The D-Line showed great pressure and blocked the kick – keeping the extra points OFF of the score board. Offence was on the field again we saw a sweet pass completion from Keone to Tyson K. On defence, Alex stepped in front of big runner with no fear and TB wrapped up their runner.Great hanging on by Colby to stop #5 and Isaac had some fun tackling #5 as well and it was a turnover on downs for the Raiders! That was followed by some marching by the offence, a big 1st down run by Keone and then, a field goal attempt. The snap and hold were done and the kick was sweet just a bit to the right and all was good, holding them at 12 points for an entire half was a tough fight!

The second half started with a quick drive by the Eastside Eagles and #5 did most of the carrying. (0-18 Eagles) They found the end zone in short order. (0-24 Eagles) After a hit out of bounds and no call, Teg seemed fired up and ran for a big gain. A good drive down the field got us close – but no cigar. The defence took their positions again and a huge push by Riley and down went the runner and a few more in the process. Egan flew through the line and smoked the running back for a loss of yards. Yes defence!! That was followed by a super drive by our offence. Keone ran with everyone on his ack and got a penalty to boot — more yards! We couldn’t punch it in, so, the Eagles’ offence went to work again and, you guessed it, #5 found his way into the end zone again. (0-30 Eagles) Another super block by the D-Line on the convert — no more scores went up for them. Our offence followed with solid drive with runs by Teg and Tyson K. A 1st down by Keone and a huge throw from Keone to Lennox for a big gain was a positive ending to our first outing.

I know the score was not what we were hoping for but now, we will all go back to practice with even more motivation and knowledge of what needs to be done to get better! Keep your chins up boys… grit your teeth a little and push yourselves as hard as you can — only THEN, will we improve. Sunrise is coming up next week and we play them almost as early as that sounds! Well done.