Aug 09 2015

Raiders versus Greendell

The game started with the calling of the players to the field by name. With each name came the cheer from family and friends that came to watch the Crunchers Greendell and Eastman Raiders Teal play.

First kick off was for Greendell, caught by #50 Dylan.

#11 Braysen made an amazing whole field run for the Raiders first Touchdown of the game.

#50 Dylan ran the ball 40+yards for the second Raiders Touchdown, and then was able to run the ball for the extra point! Go raiders GO!!

End of the first half and Raiders had 2 touchdowns and 1 extra point.

The second half of the game started with an awesome tackle by #2 Riley. Right after that # 4 Quinten, #2 Riley and #88 Malakhi together did a wicked tackle bringing the Greendall player down. Way to go team!!

#4 Quinten had another great tackle, grabbing the Greendell players ankles, like the coaches have been working hard drilling into the players at practice.

#42 Brody M tackled a Greendell player pushing them out of bounds.

Again #42 Brody M tackled another player from Greendell with ease. Practice makes perfect! Keep it up team!!

#50 with another huge run for the touchdown. They then got the extra point. WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!

Amazing game boys!! Congrats!!