Aug 15 2015

The game started with the captains meeting the refs. and the opposition to decide who would get the starting kick off. We were on the receiving end of the kick off which was picked up by Gavin at our 50 yard line. We loss possession at the centre line and then our defense took over. Our defense and Job did an awesome job tackling, but the Rods managed to get through and score within the first 3 minutes with a 55 yard run. The Raiders answered back with some fancy footwork from Noah and then a touchdown run by Zachery. At the end of the first quarter the Rods were leading 14-6. The Raiders kept working hard the try and close the lead; they had a great tackle of the Rods quarterback by Austin and Gavin also got an amazing tackle of the quarterback later in the second quarter. We were fortunate that our guys have listen to our great coaches as a fumble by the Rods was immediately covered up by Gavin giving us a chance to try and score, but we came up just short. Just prior to the end of the second quarter, we had several beautiful tackles by Austin and some great running from Eric, which resulted in our second touchdown of the morning. In the second half we did some switching up and moved Devon unto the defensive line which gave him some fun tackling the Rods. We also realized that we needed a few runners on our defensive line so we also moved Noah over; he along with Austin got in a few excellent double tackles. We had a nice intercept of a Rods pass by Kayden. In the last part of the third quarter we had Boston get us down the field with a 30 yard run and then had Eric take it the rest of the way for a 45 yard run to make our third touchdown. We fought hard on our offensive line even seeing some of our small players like Sean just picked up and tossed aside but as coach said “we get back up” and that is what they did. With that mentality, they managed to do some beautiful team work and Eric scored our final touchdown brining our score to 25. We then had under a minute to go when Gavin intercepted a pass, but alas time was up.