Aug 16 2015

Eastman Bantam Raiders vs Sunrise Coyotes
9:00 a.m. In Oak Bank

The Raiders had a great start to the game as Keaton ran back the kick off for 20 yards. Teg took the first hand off. Defence got started with Riley totally flattening 2 Coyotes and the tackle was done! A super run on the kick off again. Anthony found his way to a quarterback sack and super pressure by the defensive line caused a fumble and it was Raiders ball! A sweet spin move and run by Keone gained yards and Tyson K snuck for a first down. A 25 yard run by Keone for a BIG 1st down and a 15 yard pass to Lennox – TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!! (6-0 Raiders) Our kick was a good one, followed by a great tackle by Colby to stop them. A 1st down run by Teg showed us his speed on the outside. Thomas got to show his defensive skills for a bit and had great speed to wrap up their running back. Decker stopped a pass and the offence was back on the field. TB got through the line for a quarterback sack which was met by huge cheers from Raiders’ fans. The Coyotes were forced to kick it away and a 30 yard run on the kick by TB gave our offence great field position. When our defence returned Keaton chased down their big quarterback (#7) to stop the touchdown. Isaac took down the runner in a big way and super pressure by Paxton caused an incomplete pass by them. A fumble recovery by Keone to end the half in the lead!!

The Raiders started with the ball in the second half but couldn’t find positive yards and the Coyotes made it count with their possesssion. Their pass was complete in the end zone (6-6) Their convert kick was also good. (6-8 Coyotes) Their next possession was also good for them… a completed pass, a missed tackle or two and their #85 found the end zone. (6-14 Coyotes) When the Raiders’ offence took over again some fantastic blocking opened a hole for Teg and he broke through the middle for a super gain and a 1st down and then, a Coyotes defender went down and the game was stalled for the ambulance to come for a visit. After a lengthy break, the offence continued to work and another push for Tyson K for a first down. It was a Raiders’ march all the way to the 15 yard line and we just couldn’t push through. Defence got back to work and we just couldn’t catch their #7 as he ran 96 yards for the score. (6-20 Coyotes) The defence did not give up and broke up 2 passing plays… AND blocked the field goal attempt for no score. Defence was quickly called on again and from our own 15 yard line, the Coyotes’ pass found the receiver. (6-28 Coyotes) Super defence ended the game with TB almost intercepting their pass. The boys held them and got a turnover on downs. With only a few minutes left in the game there was a burst of positive yards for the offence. A 20 yard completion from Keone to Tyson K and then a 15 yard run by Teg. Too bad the final whistle blew.

A disappointing loss for sure… but every game we are learning… and every game, we hope that the desire to work even harder next time is getting even more intense. Boys, we have to work harder than ever and we can never stop BELIEVING that better things are to come!! We NEVER GIVE UP!! We need to play with pride and we know you will do all you can in practice to make that happen! We are proud of you ever time you step on the field… just remember that! GO RAIDERS GO!