Aug 23 2015



1st Quarter

raiders return run for about 15 yards
10:04 raiders run to the 25 yard line
8:54 first down raiders
7:39raiders third down
6:49 raiders fail to convert PITBULLS ball
6:04 Gerome makes tackle for a PITBULLS loss of yards
5:13 PITBULLS third down
4:44 PITBULLS fail to convert
Raiders ball
3:29 raiders convert to first down
2:18 raiders third down
1:48 Mikka runs the ball and converts on third down 1st down raiders
End of 1st quarter raiders third down

2nd quarter

11:43 Mikka runs for a raiders touchdown
6-0 raiders

9:48Raiders fail to get 1 point conversion
6-0 raiders

9:48 raiders kick off. Penalty on play
PITBULLS start at the50 yard line

7:02 PITBULLS third down

6:20 Raiders stop PITBULLS at the 40 yard line. Raiders ball

5:02 Mikka runs for a couple yards raiders 2nd down

4:30 raiders third down

3:47 raiders fail to convert On third down PITBULLS ball

2:26 Gerome number 30! makes tackle behind the line on PITBULLS running back

2:17 PITBULLS third down

1:26 Raiders stop PITBULLS on third down raiders ball


3rd quarter

Raiders kick off to PITBULLS

11:41 PITBULLS 88 injured on field but is ok. Carried off field

10:12 PITBULLS fumble raiders 30 recovers ball. Raiders ball

8:27 raiders fumble but recover ball third down


5:08 30 takes down PITBULLS running back in a nice tackle PITBULLS 3rd down

3:39 PITBULLS recover fumble
PITBULLS 1st down

1:12 #30 raiders stops PITBULLS and forces a third down and long

4th quarter

12:00 raiders ball. Mikka runs for 5 yards after recovering a miss snap

10:29 raiders fail to convert PITBULLS ball

9:30 raiders #30 tackles player and recovers football raiders ball
On the 55 yard line

8:01 raiders #15 runs completes pass and runs for a first down

6:05 raiders #24 makes beautiful catch for a long distance first down

5:19 raiders fumble PITBULLS recover ball

3:50 Raiders D force a third down. Time out PITBULLS

3:44 raiders ball 1st and goal

2:30 raiders fail to convert PITBULLS ball

1:38 PITBULLS timeout

00:25 raiders force third down

Raiders force a three and out

Raiders win 6-0