August 29, 2015

Aug 29, 2015
The Eastman Raiders football club celebrated their 25th anniversary this weekend. Congratulations,Raiders on their first HUGE win of the season against the North Winnipeg Nomads.  Our coaches worked hard all week on defense and they came up big keeping the Nomands offense down to 6 points. Then the Raiders played great all game putting in a great team effort to get the win.

#9 Boston Thiessen scored the opening Touch down making it 6-0 Raiders 6.58 into the game. He then made a second touchdown by running the ball in the end zone making it 12-0 for the Raiders after the First Quarter.

Both #10 Eric Martens and #2 Austin Neufeld ran it in for a touchdown from behind the Nomads 30 yard line. Raiders #88 Zack Neufeld caught the ball thrown by #9 Boston Thiessen. #20 Devin Karlenzig kicks it in for a field goal adding to the Raiders lead.

The defense were big all game keeping the Nomads offense contained. They had some great team tackles and kept the pressure on the offense. Defense #12 Job also had a great interception and ran it down the field later in the Fourth Quarter.

After the game the Raiders also had a medal ceremony where the top players of the game were awarded medals for the great game they played. The Raiders also got a chance to dunk their coaches in the  dunk tank after the game! Thanks to the coaches and everyone who participated and helped in making this day a great on for children and everyone who came out.