Saturday September 12th

Eastman Grey vs Mustangs Red

The game started with what we thought was a touchdown by #7 Kaden Coldwell. Unfortunately it was flagged down.
Soon after #22, Jackson Penner takes the ball over the goal line with a 60 yard run for what was in fact our first touchdown of the game! We missed the convert.
We kick off and the Mustangs attempt a return which got shut down at by #7, Kaden Coldwell that put the ball back at centre field.
#47, Louden King prevents the Mustangs from gaining any field, tackle after tackle.
#22, Jackson Penner, with a hand off from #8, Manfred Klassen creates another beautiful touchdown.
We unfortunately miss our 2 point conversion.
Our kick takes the ball within a short distance of the Mustangs goal line. #47, Louden King, keeps the Mustangs from pushing us back.
A handoff by #8 Manfred Klassen, to #47, Louden King, and then to #48, Jack Leppelmann creates another touchdown for the Raiders!!
A kick made by #35, Troy Vincent and a tackle made by #7, Kaden Coldwell keeps the Mustangs from gaining on us.
Second Half Raiders kick again, made by #48, Jack Leppelmann has the Mustangs running back and stopped again at centre field by #7, Kaden Coldwell and #47, Louden King.
A beautiful tackle made by #63, Oscar Gagnon, keeps the Mustangs from gaining yards.
#22, Jackson Penner and #7 Kaden Coldwell, sack the Mustangs quarterback and move us up field.
#60, Slade Carr, makes a great run as we continue to move up field. A run by #7,Kaden Coldwell moves us even closer.
With it now Mustangs ball, Raiders keep them from moving anywhere and before we know it, the ball is ours once again.
#22, Jackson Penner hands off to #47, Louden King and puts us up within 7 yards of the Mustangs goal line. We lose the ball, the Mustangs make a huge return which is after called back and once again it is our ball.
We ended the game stuck near the 25 yard line. The weather was perfect to keep the team cool and comfortable.
Great job boys! You all played a super game and it’s so nice to see the team working strongly together!!