Sunday September 20th

Eastman Bantam Raiders 14 North Winnipeg Nomads 22
Sun.Sep.20, 2015
10:00 a.m.
A.D. Penner Park

Lucky again with the weather – the sun was shining and even though the parents were a little chilly in the shade… everyone was thankful for the day it turned out to be. It had been quite awhile since our boys played a game… and they were ready to go.

Once the offence got started, Brad took the ball for a 1st down. That was followed by a hard run by Keone and a tough gain of yards by Tristan. Not quite enough and the defense was called on. Great defense forced a punt by them. Keone found some room for a massive run. We got close but penalties stopped us just short and the field goal attempt was just wide. Defense went back to work… and it DID work! Isaac’s interception got us in scoring position once again. A couple of 1st downs was all we could muster and the Nomads had the ball. A big tackle on their #8 and amazing hustle by Riley as he recovered the fumble resulted in great field position. We couldn’t capitalize and the defense stood their ground again. Riley and Andrews combined on a big tackle, great coverage on the pass by TB and the ball was back to us! Offence did some marching and took some time off of the clock and then defense went back to work. TB and Teg combined on a big stop on short yards and great coverage on the pass. The Nomads were knocking on the door but defense stopped them in their tracks. After the 1st half you could tell it had been a defensive battle – Raiders 0 Nomads 0.

The 2nd half did not start in our favour – their #5 broke away and found the end zone quickly. (0 Raiders 6 Nomads) Their kick was good. (0 Raiders 8 Nomads). Offence had some trouble and turned the ball over on downs. One big throw by them to #8 = touchdown Nomads. (0 Raiders 14 Nomads) Another good Nomads’ kick. (0 Raiders 16 Nomads) This seemed to wake the offence up and a big run by Keone was followed by a pass from TK to Dawson for a 1st down. Dylan K. had a sweet run up the sidelines. The offence marched right down to their end. Keone was in for a touchdown but a penalty brought it back… good thing Dawson found the end zone on the very next play – TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! (6 Raiders 16 Nomads) Teg’s kick was good. (8 Raiders 16 Nomads) Defense was busy right away. Avery threw in a tackle, Colby was displaying great coverage all game but #8 turned on the jets, broke a few tackles and didn’t stop till he scored. (8 Raiders 22 Nomads) And here comes the best part – the boys NEVER GAVE UP. Offence made stuff happen – a great pass and completion from TK to Lennox for a 30 yard gain, then, another 1st down run by Keone and when they got the ball back the defense was fired up. So much so they got us the ball back. Offence did some moving and a long pass was just incomplete – defense returned to the field. Egan stood his ground against the run and defense turned the ball over on downs. A 15 yard toss from Keone to Lennox and a great attempt for a longer pass to Paxton – but the incompletion saw the ball go back to the Nomads. Our defense made quick work of that and a group tackle stopped their run and drove them back for a loss. The offence’s last chance to finish the game strong was met with success. Keone dropped back to pass but when he saw no one open he ran for a 1st down himself and the very next play was a beautiful pass from Keone to Lennox in the end zone!! TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!! (14 Raiders 22 Nomads)

Congratulations Raiders!! A game well played… a battle well fought… so much heart was put into it and you NEVER GAVE UP!! What a great finish by a group of guys who know how to give it their all. Another step to being a better team and we are proud of you! GO RAIDERS GO!!