Sunday September 27th

Game starts with a kickoff by 30 tackle by 48 at 47 yard line. Tackles by Jerome ensures they are held in place and forced to punt leaving the Raiders at their 51 yd. line

First snap fumbled and recovered at the 40 yd. line.  Good runs by 68 but yards not gained and turned over for the Nomads.

Touchdown nomads Convert incomplete

Kickoff return by 30 to the Nomads 42 yd. line

Bad snap. Turnover. Tackle by 30. Holding declined Tackle by 99 and 4 Tackle by 48 for raiders ball at their 44 Holding for 1st down repeat Hard runs Turnover Run ob by 30 1st down nomads 30 and 48 to bring him down Stopped by 45 but nomad 1st down 2nd quarter starts with big run by qb for nomads Sack by 48 at 2 yd. Touchdown nomads

Short kick by nomads Turnover 93 and 48 tackle

Touchdown nomads. Good convert Touchdown raiders after return by Jerome and run by ross

No convert

Touchdown nomad Injury to 30

Run no good holding on 37 Bad snap and recovery for nomad touchdown

Good convert Return by 16 to 55 68 gets a first down

37 runs for 5 yds. Pass but no yards Turnover

48 tackles for nomad loss 64 and 45 bring down run.

1st downs 25 pushes him ob

Multiple 1stdown runs by nomads 50 tackles just before goal line Touchdown nomads

74 brought down after short kick 2 attempts by Ross and Asher end the half

Good run to start 2nd half

2 pass attempts unsuccessful Turnover Good tackle by Asher Almost intercepted 3rd down nomads Touchdown nomads

64 kickoff return

Fumble Good pass to 74

Run by 37 with offside nomads Pass to 15 successful to 10 yard line Run by 68 to 5 yard Interception taken down quickly Heldat10 with atpuntreturn by 30

Unnecessary rough to put them close Run by 68 to the 12 yd. line. 37 runs for td

Convert no good

Good defensive plays to hold them Interception 93 Touchdown raiders

Unsuccessful convert Final 47 to 18