Sunday October 4th


Sun.Oct.4, 2015

11:00 a.m.

There was a cool breeze blowing, cloudy up above and the Bantam Raiders faced this game with confidence and one goal in mind… to play from whistle to whistle… as hard as they can and here’s how it went.

St. Vital started with the ball. TB held on for the tackle, super defense by Dylan but after a great stand by our defense a quick pass on a 3rd down by them resulted in a touchdown. (Raiders 0 Mustangs 6) Kick was good. (Raiders 0 Mustangs 8) Good punt return by TB and then, a 25 yard pass completion from Keone to Lennox – 1st down Raiders!! When the ball went back to the Mustangs, great pressure on the QB by Paxton caused an incomplete pass and the ball was punted back to us. Couldn’t find any room to run and defense came back onto the field. Some defensive highlights followed: TB tackled their tall #13, a group tackled #31, Egan had a huge tackle on their running but a high pass to #13 in the end zone resulted in a Mustangs touchdown. (Raiders 0 Mustangs 14) Good effort to block the convert but they squeaked it through the uprights. (Raiders 0 Mustangs 16) When the Mustangs’ offence returned to the field defense held them again. Riley had a huge tackle on #31 and they were forced to punt. A complete pass from Keone to Tyson K but not enough to keep the drive alive… ball – back to Mustangs. Egan wrapped up their receiver, then, super pressure on the QB by Egan caused an incomplete pass and then, super speed by Egan ended in a tackle for a loss of yards. After all of that work, a lateral pass by them resulted in another touchdown. (Raiders 0 Mustangs 22) Good convert kick. (Raiders 0 Mustangs 24) Offence was ready to march but a long pass was intercepted which put our defense back onto the field. The defense held them where they were and the ball was turned over on downs back to us. A complete pass from Tyson K to Lennox wasn’t quite enough and when the defense got back onto the field, super pursuit by Colby stopped their drive to the end zone but they DID manage to get a field goal through the goal posts to end the first half. (Raiders 0 Mustangs 27)

2nd Half:

Offence started things off in the 2nd half and a run by Brad and then a completed pass from TK to Lennox didn’t quite get us past the 1st down marker and the ball went back to the Mustangs. Their #22 got to the outside – touchdown Mustangs. (Raiders 0 Mustangs 30) Convert was unsuccessful for the Mustangs. Thomas had a great tackle on their running back. Defense worked hard but a wide, deep pass by them was good for a touchdown. The single point convert was good for the Mustangs. The offence did not give up which saw a completed pass from Tyson K. to Lennox but the ball went back to the Mustangs. A 28 yard pass by them was completed in the end zone for a touchdown… and while all of this playing was going on – our boys were getting injured one by one… and the game was called due to lack of players for us.

Boys… we are SO proud of your effort!! It was a great 1st half but we just didn’t have enough bodies to finish it up. We need to take this week to get healthy and gear up for the playoffs!! It all starts over there – let’s go give it our best!! GO RAIDERS GO!!