Sunday September 27th

Eastman Bantam Raiders at Greendell Falcons

Sept.27, 2015

10:00 a.m.

Another beautiful day for football and with a full roster the Bantam Raiders were ready to give it their all. This was a game we could certainly win but all the boys were thinking about was one play at a time… and away we go.

Offence started the game. TB took the kickoff and we marched for a first down. A couple of fumbles stalled the drive. An incomplete pass and defense took to the field. Colby came up with a huge tackle for a loss of 10 yards for the Falcons. Pressure on the QB by Paxton resulted in a sack by Colby. Super defense and the ball was back to the offence. Dawson ran for a 1st down… but eventually the ball went back to the Falcons. They came up with a huge completion and run for a touchdown. (Raiders 0 Greendell 6) The convert was good. (Raiders 0 Greendell 8). When the defense got back on the field a great tackle by Alex, pressure by Paxton on the QB caused an incomplete pass and offence went back to work. Great speed by Brad, big run by Keone for a 1st down. Dylan ran for another 1st down. Keone followed that by a 20 yard run – first down. Teg ran for 1st down. Great 1st down push by Dawson to their 2 yard line. Short, hard run by Keone – TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS. (Raiders 6 Greendell 8) Convert kick by Teg is good (Raiders 8 Greendell 8)

Onside kick – Raiders recover and the ball is back to us!! Great job by our special teams. 20 yard run by Keone – 1st down Raiders. Another 1st down run by Keone but a turnover on downs and defense was back on the field. Fumble by Greendell – TB pounced on it and the ball was back to the Raiders on their 25 yard line! Big run by Dawson got us into the end zone but a flag brought us back out, tried again, 25 yard throw by Keone to Lennox and we were on their 5 yard line. Dawson ran to the 1 yard line and Keone finished it off with a TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! (Raiders 14 Greendell 8) Convert kick by Teg was good. (Raiders 16 Greendell 8) Another onside kick – wow – Colby and Dylan recovered their fumble and again – ball to us!! 20 yard run by Dawson but an interception by Greendell put our defense back on the field. Great defense forced them to punt. TB did his job with a great punt return. Dawson ran the ball up the middle, great blocking by the O-line to open up a lane for another 1st down run by Keone and then, Dawson found the end zone. TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! (Raiders 22 Greendell 8) Defense got busy again – great speed by Colby for a loss of 15 yards for Greendell. Serious pressure by Riley – incomplete pass for Greendell ball back to us!

2nd Half

We started the 2nd half with another fantastic onside kick by Teg and you guessed it – Raiders recovered and another chance for the offence. When the defence got back on the field Riley sacked the quarterback and solid defense caused a turnover on downs. 40 yard run by Dawson – HUGE first down! 6 yard run by Tyson K., short yards run by Dawson for a 1st down, followed by a 10 yard run into the end zone by Keone – TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! (Raiders 28 Greendwll 8) Kick is good!! (Raiders 30 Greendell 8) Defense took it’s turn again and Colby hunted down the quarterback and sacked him for a loss of 15 yards. Ball came back to us and Lennox ran it for 15 yards, great fake to Brad and a 50 yard run by Keone – TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! (Raiders 36 Greendell 8) Teg’s kick is good. (Raiders 38 Greendell 8) Great call by Coach Koop and TB sacked the quarterback! Great pursuit by Isaac and Keaton finished the play with a big tackle. Isaac knocks the next runner out of bounds and the ball was back to us! Big run by Dawson – 1st down Raiders. Screen pass from Tyson K. to Keone followed by a 20 yard run – 1st down Raiders. Dylan ran for 25 yards and found the end zone!! TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Kick is good by Teg. Defense did their job to end the game. Nice for our offence to be able to take a couple of knees to end the game.

Well done boys!! A convincing win for the Raiders!! We are proud of you for playing as hard as you can from beginning to end!! A win certainly feels sweet!! And we will get back to work this week! GO RAIDERS GO!!