Sunday, October 11th

Eastman Bantam Raiders vs Valour Patriots
Sunday, October 11, 2015
10:00 a.m.

Who would have thought that on October 11th, it would be too hot to wear jeans!? But we’re not complaining – what a beautiful morning for football!

The Patriots kicked to us but an interception gave the ball back to them. Defense got going quickly with a great tackle by TB and then a group tackle. Kincaid and Lennox combined on a big tackle on their running back. Another big tackle by Kincaid and it was a turnover on downs – ball came back to us!!

Offence got off to a great start! A big block by Simon which resulted in a huge run by Tristan for a 1st down. A short run and push by Dawson resulted in a 1st down. A screen pass and run to Tristan got us close enough for Teg to kick a field goal! It was GOOD! (Raiders 3 Patriots 0) The Patriots next offensive possession ended in a 30 yard toss by them for a touchdown. (Raiders 3 Patriots 6) The extra point attempt was blocked by Riley – kick was NOT good. A good return by Andrews got us into good field position. A 20 yard completion from Tyson K to Lennox – TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!! (Raiders 9 Patriots 6) Snap, hold and kick were all good! (Raiders 11 Patriots 6) When the defense returned to the field, Keaton held on for a tackle, Teg and Isaac pushed back for a loss of yards but a long throw by Valour resulted in a touchdown. (Raiders 11 Patriots 12) They ran in for a single point convert. (Raiders 11 Patriots 13) Defense came on strong and Isaac knocked their runner out of bounds on their first attempt but on their second attempt the screen pass was successful for them – touchdown Patriots. (Raiders 11 Patriots 19) Kick for 2 was good. (Raiders 11 Patriots 21) Our offense stayed on for only a short time and then, Valour found their way to the end zone – again with a long pass. (Raiders 11 Patriots 27) Good kick. (Raiders 11 Patriots 29) A 20 yard run by Brad was huge for a 1st down for us. Great blocking by the Raiders which set up a screen pass and massive run by Dawson for a TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!! (Raiders 17 – Patriots 29) Great start to the game but their relentless passing got tough to defend. A screen pass and run by them – touchdown Valour. (Raiders 17 Patriots 35) Tyson K. blocked the extra point attempt… no good! A single point was given after a lengthy punt by Valour. (Raiders 17 Patriots 36) Dawson broke through for a good run. Lennox showed some great coverage causing an incomplete Valour pass. Good coverage by Keaton on the next play but they made a great catch – touchdown Valour. (Raiders 17 Patriots 42) They went for the single point but pressure by Kincaid and the quarterback had to throw it away. TB took the ball on the kick off and after the pile cleared… it became clear that he was not getting up without help… as in, the help of an ambulance. (We’re happy to say he’s fine now… but a long break in the game and they took their half time break)

The second half started with our defense tackling them for a loss of yards and Kincaid blocking the pass which forced them to punt. Tristan ran for a gain of 5 yards. We didn’t reach the first down marker and defense went back to work. Riley broke through their offensive line and took the runner down for a huge loss of yards. Thomas had great pressure on the quarterback but he managed to still complete the pass – touchdown Valour. (Raiders 17 Patriots 47) Great defense on the extra point – no good! A 30 yard return by Teg was sweet. A screen pass from Tyson K to Brad resulted in a gain of 8 yards. Tyson K. managed a huge push to get the 1st down as the O-Line opened up the hole nicely for him. Teg ran for a 1st down, Brad also enjoyed a big run – but eventually the ball went back to them. Riley had another big tackle, and all of the defense pursued the offense well but they eventually found the end zone. Once again, Riley came up huge by blocking the punt. Offense had some great pass attempts but no 1st downs. Defense stood strong on the 1 yard line but they did find a way to cross the line – touchdown Valour. 1 point convert was good. In the next series, Andrew pounced on a fumbled ball and the game ended with a throw and catch from Tyson K. to Paxton.

Well boys… that was it!! Thank you for giving it your all!! Thank you to those who were at every practice and every game!! Well done to you all who found the fun in the game even through a lot of losses. So many of you still had smiles on your faces in the midst of so many games… so many of you went ALL OUT in every drill and just wanted to get better for your team! That’s what sports is all about – giving it your best every day and making that “best” even better!! We are SO proud of each and every one of you. Thank you for playing for the Raiders – you guys are warriors – you battled your hearts out and never gave up! GO RAIDERS GO!!