Saturday, October 17th

Patriots return opening kickoff with a touchdown, but miss the extra point
#45 returns the favor with a touchdown after a kickoff, and also misses the extra point
#18 makes a big tackle off their second kickoff of game
#55 picks up a fumble and recovers it for the raiders
Patriots get ball back from loss of downs and scores a touchdown off of a hand off, and conceives the extra point
#9 takes kick off to center field then #45 takes the ball to the 3 yard line for #31 to punch in a raiders touchdown, with an extra point tact on.
Patriots run for another kickoff return for a touchdown but miss the extra point
Halftime has started
#81 makes a great block for #45 rushing touchdown, and extra point is good
Patriots return the favour with another kickoff return for touchdown  but stopped on the extra point
#45 takes kickoff to the 20 yard line, for #31 to rush for a touchdown, and extra point is good.
#33 and #5 help each other make a tackle on a patriots hand off, but score on the next play, with the extra point Patriots end game with a fumble recovery for td and extra point.