Saturday, August 27th

3dw fumble picked up by 22 Gavin Neufeld. Raiders ball run by 24 jack leppelmann big gain. 1 dw run by 12 Toby plett no gain. 3dw run by 24 jack Leppelmann for score 6 extra point run by 12 Toby Plett. 7 on the scoreboard for Raiders.
Interlake ball, 1dw tackled by 22 Gavin Neufeld 28 Jackson Penner and 8 Louden King. No gain 2dw fumble recovery by 25 Dylan Godlewski Raiders ball. Fumble by Raiders. Interlake ball tackled by 8 Louden King and 28 Jackson Penner. No gain 2dw tackled by 25 Dylan Godlewski, 27 Jace Kasdorf and 63 Owen Schroeder. No gain 3dw tackled by 27 Jace Kasdorf, 25 Dylan Godlewski and 22 Gavin Neufeld. No gain Raiders ball run by 24 Jack Leppelmann. small gain 2 dw run by 2 Elijah Sahulka scored but Raiders got penalty. No score. repeat 2 dw run by 2 Elijah Sahulka. No gain 3 dw run by 2 Elijah Sahulka. No gain Interlake ball tackled by 22 Gavin Neufeld, 8 Louden King and 9 Trae Fast. 2 dw tackled by 28 Jackson Palmer, 8 Louden King, 22 Gavin Neufeld and 63 Owen Schroeder. 3 dw Interlake scored missed extra point, Raiders ball. 2 Elijah sahulka scored for Raiders 6 no extra point 13 scoreboard Raiders. Interlake score again no extra point Interlake 13 tie game.