Sunday, August 28th

Falcons vs. Raiders

Raiders days was the perfect weekend for our first game of the season. Raiders were the definite underdogs with only seven players, and the Falcons with 14. Falcons open with the kick off, Raiders return with a touchdown by number 44. In the second play of the game, Raiders kick and Falcons return with a touchdown. After Falcons kick, Raiders return for a first down. A hand off to number 33 who runs it in for the touchdown Raiders! Raiders fought to keep the lead, and had some great tackles in the first half of the game, but the Falcons got their second touchdown.

Raiders had some good running plays, and attempted a passing play which was incomplete. We ended off the first half with a touchdown for the Raiders.

Raiders kick off the second half; Falcons return and fumble, the Raiders recover the ball. Raiders attempted running play resulted in a turn over for the Falcons. Falcons run the ball and fumble, the Raiders retrieve it. Raiders attempted several more passing plays all of which were incomplete. Falcons did several running plays which ended in a touchdown for the Falcons. Raiders had one successful passing play thrown by number 2 caught by number 12. It was a very evenly matched game, and our team played very hard.