Saturday, September 17th

Eastman Raiders, Atom Black VS Corydon Comets
Cool, sunny, early morning!
The opening quarter saw the Comets with many penalties moving our boys up field. An interception by the Comets gives the game its first touchdown.
End of first quarter, 6-0 Comets

Second quarter;
Began with a touchdown by the Comets. Comets defence is hard and keeps us at centre. Their offence gains yardage as our defence fights hard but the Comets get in for their third touchdown of the game.
Comets kick, we catch and gain yards on their turf. A penalty on them moves us up field. Play by play we are determined to make their goal line! And we do! A pass from #7, Ashton Bourget to #28, Jackson Penner gets us a beautiful touchdown!
End of second quarter, 18-6 Comets

Third quarter;
Raiders offence is on the field, we are unsuccessful at our down attempts. Comets ball, our defence is out and ON IT! Great tackles by #22, Gavin Neufeld! We start back at centre, Comets first down at our 40. A great tackle again by Raiders keeps the Comets back. The Comets make a nice play resulting in another touchdown. They are successful at the kick for the two point convert.
Raiders come back and get a second touchdown. Our convert attempt is denied.
End of third 26-12

Fourth quarter;
Comets at our end, fake a play that fools our boys and results in a touchdown for Comets.
Another touchdown for Comets.
Comets make a throw with a great catch to gain many many yards up field, they get a seventh touchdown.

42 Comets 12 Raiders Final