Saturday, September 17th

Eastman Raiders vs Corydon Comets

1st Quarter

1st play of game, nice pass was completed to #5 Austin Neufeld
Quarterback scrambles for 15 yard gain.
Raiders intercept ball on Comets first possession.
Comets punt and kick was blocked by #93 Evan Fouillard
End of quarter, score 0-0

2nd quarter

Eastman fumbles ball in first possession of second quarter.
Comets gain 20 yards on the ground up to Eastman 10.
Comets score TD
Convert kick is good. 8-0 Comets
Interception made by Raiders #86 Devon Karlenzig
Raiders have ball on own 35
Comets score on a 25 yard run, kick is good, 16-0 Comets.
End of quarter, score remains 16-0 Comets.
Half Time

3rd Quarter

Comets start with ball and quarterback is sacked on 3rd down by #36 Jerome Fouillard Raiders ball.
Comets get back ball and gain 20 yards on the ground.
Comets run in 11 yards for the touchdown. Kick is no good, score is 22-0.
End of quarter, scores are still 22-0 Comets.

4th Quarter

Eastman had ball on the 50 and Comets intercepted a pass attempt with 7:52 remaining.
Comets intercept Eastman again and runs it all the way to Eastman 1yard line. Comets score and kick is not good. Score is 28-0 with 2:57 remaining.
Comets intercept again but fumbles it on their first play.
Another interception from the Comets with 37 sec left. Comets take knee and game ends with a score of 28-0 Comets.
Eastman suffered a few injuries, hope the boys are ok.