Saturday, September 24th

Interlake Thunder vs Eastman Raiders (Atom Black).
Raiders kick, we hold Interlake at our 45 yard line for all 3 down attempts. Great tackles by Gavin Neufeld #22.
Raiders offence, makes 3 yards on our down attempts.
The Thunder runs the ball up to our 20 yard line where they are taken down again by #22. They gain 5 yards and are stopped at our 15 yard line.
A Raiders fumble puts the ball at our 10. We gain 10 yards on our tries which puts us up to our 20 yard line.
The Thunder is held at the 20 their first try but gains 10, and ends their downs with a touchdown, no conversions points. Thunder kicks from centre and the ball is at our 55.
Interlake Thunder 6,
Eastman Raiders 0
2nd quarter;
Penalties to the Interlake puts us at their 20 yard line. A great catch by #12, Toby Plett from #28, Jackson Penner had the Raiders a beautiful touchdown!!
Back to centre we kick to their 40. A penalty to the Interlake brings us to the 35. Our defence #25 Dylan Godlewski and #2 Elijah Sahulka keep the Thunder at our 40. The Raiders offence gains 5 yards the first two tries and the third run is intercepted by the Thunder where they are tackled by #8 Louden King. The Raiders defence keeps the Thunder at the 45.
Game tied at the half 6-6
3rd quarter;
Interlake kick, caught at our 35, run up to the 30. Thunder intercepts and is tackled at the 25. Raiders defence keeps Interlake at 25 yard line. We get put back near centre. The Raiders offence kicks on the third down, caught by the Interlake who are taken down by # 23 Manfred Klassen. Interlake possession at our 15, we hold them the first try. Second run sees #22 make a tackle at our 5 yard line. #22, Gavin Neufeld and #77, Xavier Lavay tackle again at the 5. Raider offence gets us up to our 10. Interception by Interlake is brought down by Raider #14, Kaden Coldwell. 5 yard penalty to Interlake, to our 15.
Interlake possession, run to our 10, followed by a touchdown, with the one point convert.
Interlake 13 Raiders 6
4th quarter;
Interlake kicks., and regains possession. Raiders defence keeps them at the 45. Another interception is made by Interlake Thunder, resulting in a touchdown, no convert. 19-6
Interlake kicks, Raiders catch and hold at our 45. We gain no field.
Penalty to Interlake Thunder brings the teams back to centre. The Thunder run the ball upfield within 5 yards of the Raiders goal line., they push through resulting in another touchdown, and a 1 point convert. 26-6
Thunder kick, Raiders catch at the 40. Thunder intercepts once again and run the ball in for a touchdown, and also get the one point conversion. 33-6
Interlake kick, caught and held at our 50. Offence is held without any gain. Interlake’s possession, gain five yards and tackled by #77, Xavier Lavay. Thunder gains 5 more yards and is stopped by Raiders #27, Jace Kasdorf.
Final score:
Interlake Thunder 33
Eastman Raiders 6