Sunday, September 25th


1st Quarter

-12:00 Coyotes kick to raiders
Riders start on their 45 yard line
-raiders forced on a 3 and out
Coyotes ball
-offside raiders repeat 2nd down
-coyotes convert to first down
-coyotes run from 25 yard line to the end zone for a touch down

6-0 Coyotes

-coyotes kick for PAT (2 points)

8-0 Coyotes

-Raiders receive. Bring ball to the 55 yard line
-Raiders #13 makes a nice gain for a first down on the 40 yard line
-#13 makes a nice gain close to 1st but no conversion. Coyotes ball
-Coyotes break the tackles and run it into the end zone for a touchdown

14-0 Coyotes

-coyotes attempt PAT but fail to convert. Raiders ball

-Raiders #13 returns football to the 40 yard line
-Raiders forced to a 3 and out.
Coyotes ball
-Raiders force a 3 and out.
Raiders ball
-91 runs for a good 20 yards and converts on first down
-raiders throw a pic on that drive
Coyotes ball

2nd Quarter

-Raiders offside penalty 5 yards
-Coyotes ball on 2nd down
Raiders offside penalty 5 yards
Repeat 3rd down
Coyotes convert to first
-Coyotes run it in for touchdown
-and convert on kick for PAT

22-0 Coyotes

-Raiders fumble football and Coyotes recover, their ball
Raiders D again stops
-Raiders penalty face mask
15 yard penalty and automatic
1st down for Coyotes
-Raiders calm panthers at the 40 for a turn over on downs raiders ball
-Coyotes strip the ball and again their offense takes the field
-Coyotes run in the ball for a touchdown
-They fail to convert on PAT

28-0 Coyotes

-Raiders receive ball and make a nice return to their 40 yard line
-Raiders #39 makes a nice running gain for about 15 yards and a 1st down
-Raiders #13 runs for another 1st down and a nice gain
-turnover on downs, Coyotes ball
1:50 Raiders ball
Raiders 39 makes a close 3 and 1 on the 48 yard line
Raiders Fail to convert to a 1st Coyotes ball
Penalty on Coyotes forced a turnover on downs
Raiders ball
-raiders make a 12 yard gain to a first down
-raiders convert to a 1st down after a nice bootleg HB sweep
-raiders on the goal line and run it in for a touchdown with 2.6 seconds left in the half

End of 1st half

3rd quarter

10:11 Raiders force 3 and out
Their ball
8:58 Coyotes ball
They manage to run it in for another Coyote touchdown

34-6 Coyotes

Their attempt at PAT fails. So it’s
34-6 Coyotes

8:38 Raiders ball at 52 yard line
7:48 Coyotes ball
7:29 coyotes throw a pick Raiders 91 intercepts ball
Raiders ball at their 48 yard line
6:53 raiders try a sweep and fail to convert to a 1st.
Coyotes ball
5:24 injury timeout
#5 hurt on play. Carried off field
3:21 Raiders force a 3 and out
Their ball on the 20 yard line
1:42Turnover on downs Coyotes ball
Coyotes manage to run it in for touchdown

1:00 Raiders ball
Fail to convert by the end of the quarter. Coyotes ball
End of 3rd

4th quarter

10:45 raiders offside penalty loss of 5 yards
Coyotes push toward the ends one for a touchdown

They fail for a PAT try

3:48 turnover on downs coyotes ball
00:45Penalty on coyotes

1st down raiders

Final score